Skyrim 'mostly a DirectX 9 game,' PC mods could make it to consoles

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Bethesda's Todd Howard discussed the differences between the PC and console versions of the studio's upcoming RPG, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -- or, rather, the lack thereof. "The game looks the same," Howard said, though he later added, "With the PC, the texture sizes are going to be as big as you want to make them, and you can pump the resolution up, obviously." As far as the visual nitty-gritty (yes, that's a technical term), Howard explained that Skyrim is "mostly a DirectX 9 game in terms of how the shaders work."

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Otheros002494d ago

I hope everybody gets mods.

ATiElite2494d ago

"Skyrim" mostly a DirectX 9 game, that will be ported directly to PC without any regard to using the PC's power. Also the game engine is just a modified Embryo bugs and screen tearing will be there like Oblivion.

consoles getting the mods just confirms "Console Port".

PS360PCROCKS2494d ago

::cough crysis 2 cough:: console ports seem to be all the rage these days :-/

Sam Fisher2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )


dont you ever mention that sh!t to the likes of this godly entity we call skyrim


to me, you sir, are a troll. period.

ATiElite2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

The Witcher 2 will look better, play better, and just all around be better than Skyrim.

@Sam Fisher

how am i a troll when i just told the truth. Skyrims engine is the same as Oblivion but with a few mods and the PC version is just a 360 port. Meanwhile The Witcher 2 was made to utilize the power of the PC with a new engine all built from the ground up.

Just because the truth hurts doesn't give you the right to blurt out Troll cause your feelings are hurt.

a08andan2494d ago

@ATiELite, your comment comes out as "trolling" because you say that one game that isn't out yet is going to be better than another game that isn't out yet.

ATiElite2494d ago

@ a08andan

so by your Logic 90% of the articles on N4G are TROLL articles because 90% of the articles talk about games that are not out yet right?

I'm not trolling because I'm stating FACTS as to how the games were made. If you can't take the FACTS that Skyrim is using an OLD and FLAWED engine then go cry in a corner. Oblivion sold very well...make a new engine!

The Witcher sold half of what Oblivion did but they managed to make an entire new engine for The Witcher 2. COD 60 million copies sold in 3 years...same engine meanwhile BF3 has an AWESOME engine and technology. i see gaming as more than just mindless fun...i pay attention to the advancement of the technology. So me comparing two games to each other on a technological stand point is NOT trolling.

a good game is a good game but I like New technology and if i have to choose then i choose Devs who push the gaming industry not those that just "get by".

most people only use the term TROLLING when they don't have anything SMART to say so remember that next time you post.

kramun2494d ago

As much as I loved The Witcher, I loved Oblivion more. I don't really give a toss if Skyrim is mostly a DirectX 9 game, because it looks much better than Oblivion.

The Witcher 2 is bound to be great, but I think Skyrim will blow it away. I'll be getting both regardless.

a08andan2494d ago

Yes that is what I'm saying. If someone states that a game that is not out yet, is going to be better than another game that isn't out, then it is trolling.

And just because an engine is "Old" and "flawed" from your perspective, doesn't mean that the game is going to be bad. That also becomes trolling if you say that a game is going to be bad just because of it.

It is trolling to compare two games on a technological level, when you are saying that one game sucks and the other doesn't and leave no "technical" motivation whatsoever. If you can motivate what you say with actual facts and knowledge, then I would never say that you are trolling. Even if I don't agree with you.

Heartnet2494d ago

So why isnt every1 raging its Direct 9.. like crysis 2 :(

ReservoirDog3162494d ago

@ ATiElite

Wait, I thought I read Skyrim has a new engine?

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starchild2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

It won't be the game it could have been, at least from a visual standpoint, but I kind of expected that. DX9 can still produce some fantastic graphics in any case.

It will also look and perform better on the PC no matter what silly marketing fluff Howard spouts about all three versions looking the same.

So on the PC version "the texture sizes are going to be as big as you want to make them", and it can run at 60+FPS, and it can run at much higher resolutions, and the anti-aliasing will be much better, and there will likely be higher resolution effects, and the texture filtering will be better, looks the same as the console versions? If you say so, Mr. Howard.

AKS2494d ago

It better not look the same on PC. I'm planning to buy an XFX 6990 later this year. I'm also hoping there will be significant visual upgrades via mods.

542145874639854122494d ago

Bethesda should port Skyrim onto the NGP. If they cant do that, then they should restart the Elder Scrolls PSP game that they cancelled, on the NGP.

a08andan2494d ago

I would die from happiness if I could play Skyrim on the go :D

Masterchef20072494d ago

I have a feeling that people overhype DX10 and DX11. Like they said Skyrim is mostly a DX9 game and it looks pretty good.


I agree with you they should really get it on the NGP heck even allow you to transfer the save from your PS3 to your NGP would be great as well. I never knew that they had an elderscrolls game for the NGP well at least this time around they can replicate a game like Skyrim on the NGP. Not mentioning 3DS because i dont believe that Nintendos handheld has the hardware to produce that kind of experience. But it would be great if 3DS owners could enjoy an elderscrolls game.

PS360PCROCKS2494d ago

overhype DX10? Lol DX10 sucked like Vista. DX11 is the business, tessellation is amazing. The demos for DX11 have amazing potential, problem is NO ONE IS USING IT!!!!

ATiElite2494d ago

lots of people are using DX11 but you have to understand some games were in the development before Devs fully understood how to use DX11 and in most cases your not gonna scrap your DX9 engine and start over for DX11.

DX10 did suck and that's why Devs don't really use it and DX10 is what held back PC gaming.

a08andan2494d ago

Well once the next generation of home-consoles hits the market, then DX11 games will be the standard :)

PS360PCROCKS2494d ago

Lol ya and than we'll be on DX12 and DX13 and be complaining again lol.

Brixxer6002494d ago

Mods for consoles ? Yes Please , Woohoo

Sam Fisher2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

if this is true, then they dont need to put in mammoths, well do it ourselves.

what ever they cant place in, we will do it for them

despair2494d ago

As long as they optimize it a lot better than the mess that was Oblivion on PC I will be happy. I mean the game was good but it ran like crap on pretty much every comp, no matter how powerful.

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