Live Gears of War 3 Streaming

DP: We're going live on Justin.TV in a few minutes for Gears of War 3. Check out the stream (Start Time: 11:30).


Stream has ended, but the video is saved on - Gears of War 3 beta streaming brought to you by

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thegamefanatics2639d ago

Always nice to see a steam for those who don't get to participate in the beta!

ssj3goku872639d ago

stream this on its better

gdguide2639d ago

Looking good! I still wish they added more interactivity to the game, but it looks sweet. Would love to be able to climb and hang and that sort of thing.

FACTUAL evidence2639d ago

don't worry uc3 will be shortly after have fun with this until uc3. :)

thebudgetgamer2639d ago

i want to play gears of war 3!