Diablo 3 Male Demon Hunter Concept Art

Blizzard has been pretty quiet with their updates on their work with Diablo 3, nothing more than mere screenshots or concept art. Today they’ve unveiled the male Demon Hunter class.

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_LarZen_2786d ago

Stinks World of Warcraft style all over it....oh no I said something bad about the Gods Blizzard...pls dont kill me angry internet nerds!!!!!

STK0262786d ago

I guess it's a good thing considering WoW armour/weapon's style is a pretty good one.

_LarZen_2786d ago

The style on armor is good yes, but in 2011 WoW is realy begining to show it's age...

madara0sama2786d ago

"Today"? I went on the official site to check on updates about a month ago and they even showed a 3D model of the male demon hunter.

moe842785d ago

Yeah, people have been late with news all over the web lately.