L.A. Noire: Rise Of The Good Guys

TitanReviews writes: In a gaming world of anti-heroes and questionable morals can Detective Cole Phelps and L.A. Noire resurrect gamer interest in playing as the good guy again?

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WorldEndsWithMe2787d ago

I'm gonna go all Sherlock Holmes up in that game.

Op242787d ago

I wonder how they will keep you from running over people on the street during a car chase. Maybe you can't be THAT much of a good guy.

Hockeydud192787d ago

This game should be a fresh change of pace.

Dlacy13g2787d ago

Couldnt have said it better...

Dsnyder2787d ago

Eh screw the good guys. This is on of those make you own choice games like heavy rain so ill be shooting the bllls off people every chance I get.

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