G4: Motorstorm Apocalypse Review

G4: "Race fans in search of the perfect foil for serious racers like Gran Turismo and Shift 2 will find plenty to love in Sony’s latest Motorstorm. Mixing in elements of Burnout and Split/Second, Motorstorm Apocalypse is the craziest and most outrageously fun racing games since Burnout Paradise. The game takes the stunning visuals and off-road racing of the previous games into the now-shifting urban wasteland of San Francisco after a series of natural disasters decimate the city.

There are 33 tracks spread across nine different locations, and the overall track design is phenomenal. Aside from being filled with insane jumps, turns, and shortcuts, the tracks are changing nearly constantly. Earthquakes, plane crashes, tornadoes, hails of gun and missile fire, and more await eager racers. Skyscrapers will plummet down before your eyes, changing the course of the entire track."

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