IGN: Outland Review

IGN writes: "It's easy to argue that every video game we play, with rare exception, is derivative of a game that came before it. For Finnish developer Housemarque's newest game titled Outland, you could point to any number of titles released in the years before 2011 and say "Outland is like this, that and the other thing." Because it's a 2D platformer, perhaps it's most akin to something like Super Mario Bros. Then again, its reliance on color polarity may remind gamers of Treasure's famous shoot-em-up Ikaruga. And its emphasis on map exploration, upgrading and some collecting may invoke memories of Super Metroid".

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BiggCMan2487d ago

This looks like fun, if they have a demo out I will try it. Otherwise I may buy it in the future, just not now. Looks quite good though.

kevnb2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

well this has me interested, seems like its being a tad overated though. Just look at user scores and watch gameplay, its not some amazing cant miss game.

thereapersson2487d ago

Remember what happened with Limbo? Fun game, but VERY short (2-3 hours).

I'm with BiggC; if there's a demo, I'd be more inclined to make a purchasing decision.

Oldman1002487d ago

Whaat?! Someone released a game that's not a shooter? What has this world come to?

Great score hopefully we start to get more unique games like this from now on.

Tikicobra2487d ago

This is an amazing game. I downloaded it a few hours ago and I'm loving the hell out of it. Please guys, download this thing immediately.

KwietStorm2487d ago

I've been waiting to get it for months, but for unforeseen (and obvious at this point) reasons, I cannot buy it. I even get a PS Plus discount. Annoyed as hell.

Psychonaughty2486d ago

Been playing this on xbla for 6 hrs now and still not finished, it is a much bigger game than Limbo and well worth an investment considering it's only 800msp, if you love Metroidvania style games like Shadow Complex you will love this.