Top 5 guns we want in Battlefield 3 says: Battlefield 3 just cannot come out any sooner and the anticipation is killing us, but to help with the long wait or perhaps put you in more anguish, we have compiled a top five list of weapons we would like to see in the upcoming DICE game, Battlefield 3. Let us know what you would like to see?

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DA_SHREDDER2789d ago

I really want the mp7. Its the sickest sub machine gun cause it uses rifle rounds.

Zancruz2789d ago

I would rather have Kriss....

Elwenil2789d ago

Actually I think you will find that the 4.6x30mm round is primarily a PDW round. A bit larger than a typical pistol round, but I don't think anyone would consider it a rifle round. I am aware of only one assault rifle made by KB Shar of Ukraine that uses that round and I am not sure that it has even made it past the design stage yet.

Solid_Snake-2789d ago

i think the library of guns from ARMA 2 O.A would be amazing. they range from old to new and theres a stack load of them.

DERKADER2789d ago

That's a very standard list of weapons.

ERMAC_2789d ago

They are pretty common amongst games. I mean, an AK variant and the M4 are dead given. P90 and MP7 are also highly , highly likely.


We should be able to make our own weapons.


I kid, I kid...

Urmomlol2789d ago

Wow really!?!?!?! YOU GUYS WANT AN AK47 IN THE GAME? YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY, DAWG! PURE CRAZY! No other FPS has ever had that gun in it! CRAZY!!!!!111!!

scrubgamer2789d ago

You need to get some serious help troll.

SixShotCop2789d ago

Well, IMO, any FPS or TPS without an AK47 in it's arsenal is pure fail.

ERMAC_2789d ago

FAL, SAW, AUG, M14 semi and there a-lot of others I can't think of off the top of my head.

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The story is too old to be commented.