Madden NFL 12 Kickoff With Peyton Hillis, Deion Sanders and Marshall Faulk

DSTV, "Earlier today we had the chance to attend the Madden NFL 12 kickoff event in New York City. It was held on what New York’s Mayor Bloomberg has dubbed “Revis Island,” after hometown defensive back Darrelle Revis but instead, just for today, it was “Hillis Island” as all eyes were on the newly crowned cover athlete Peyton Hillis, running back from the Cleveland Browns. We had a chance to chat it up with Donny Moore, the ratings czar for the Madden series as well as NFL Hall of Fame inductees Marshall Faulk and Deion Sanders. After his live photo-shoot for the Madden NFL 12 cover we also had a couple of words with the title’s new cover boy. Make sure to check out entire video below!"

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Chadness2786d ago

Great interviews, especially the last one with Peyton Hillis.

Ninferno2786d ago

wow Peyton Hillis... good choice for the cover if you ask me.

JoelT2786d ago

He's a really wholesome, all around good role-model from what i see.

thevokillist2786d ago

Nice! These interviews are sweet.

GOODKyle2786d ago

Danny Woodhead should of won!!!!!!!!!

iiprotocolii2786d ago

I don't think he is. But it was definitely a great interview.

lazertroy2786d ago

Vick was already on MAdden 2004.