GamesRadar: Why We Hate Gamers Who Can't Admit They Suck

Gamesradar: "We love amusing new words, and one of our favorites was created to describe the worst gamers on the planet: terribads. We wish we could high-five the glorious asshole who came up with that word. We can tell from the utter disdain that oozes from the cracks between those letters that whoever made that word up is clearly good at playing games.

Don’t worry: you don’t have to be a pro to join us in hating the worst of the worst gamers, because they make digital life miserable for even the average and slightly-below-average among us. Warning: it’s possible you are one of these terribads."

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thorstein2491d ago

"They’re idiots in balance discussions"

Commenter #1: “The Super Mega Launcher is so underpowered it’s a joke..."

Commenter #2: “The gun doesn’t suck, you do. It’s called leading the target.”

This one annoys me the most. So much so that I made a Youtube video to disprove what many of these whiners were complaining about: control lag in Killzone 2. My video was made prepatch as well. And their responses were even more ludicrous. Someone actually asked, "why dose your controler not lag but uther peoples conyrolers lag hmmmmm?[sic]"

SuicideShaun2491d ago

Wtf is this. I feel mindf*cked after reading this article.