Go4Broke Ep. 11 Infamous 2 & Unnecessary Sequals Podcast.

Hey Brokers it's the Gamer's Lab cast to bring you another exciting episode of Go 4 Broke. Today we talked about Sony's sand box success Infamous 2, our current games that we are playing which is Radiant Historia on the DS and the dissapointing Final Fantasy xiii, and our Industry talk is about games that should not have Sequals

Cast - ShyLo Vega, A-Groove, Jubalrahl, Da Asian

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2671d ago
Christopher2671d ago

The Naughty Bear game. Can't believe they're making a sequel to that.

jubalrahl2671d ago

wow, I never heard of Naughty Bear Time before. Kinda sounds like Happy Tree Friends. What I read is a lot of people hated it. Doesn't make sense to make a sequel. Yet they did make not one but two sequels to the Bloodrayne movies. That movie had no redeeming qualities at all. The script, acting, fight scenes were horrible. I honestly don't understand company decisions half the time.

Jonah_Reese2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

It's like they didn't do any research on Infamous 2, a lot of the questions they were asking were answered. Naughty Bear could have been a good game if it wasn't serious. If it was more light and a bit more Mario or Crash Bandicoot type deal it would have been better.