First Details On Need For Speed: The Run Story

Need For Speed The Run was just revealed earlier and now we have the first details on the story which we dug up at the Youtube page for the trailer.

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ShadyDevil2667d ago

A NFS title with a STORY and a face, and a name to stick to? This might be the most Character driven NFS ever! Nice.

Rob9462667d ago

Yeah finally a racer which actually has a story that looks like it could be good!

RankFTW2667d ago

Can't wait for more NFS! Hot Pursuit and Shift 2 were awesome.

showtimefolks2667d ago

just like sony announced so many of their games last year and yet still had twisted metal and portal 2

nfs need to go back to its underground route where we should have unlimited amount of things we should be able to change about our cars

can't wait to see it at e3 even though last few nfs games have sucked

any news on the nfs the studio behind burnout working on?

ShadyDevil2667d ago

They are rumored to be making another Burnout title.

lzim2667d ago

it isn't a rumor, Crash is almost ready. If there is a another burnout, great, criterion doing what criterion does.

ShadyDevil2667d ago

Gameplay videos? Prolly not till E3. You know how EA are!

morkendo232667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

if u lame guys look around there is a TRAILER!!!
seen it 4 times!!!
@below: yeah, mostwanted and carbon did suck with storyline i agree. but dont think actors will be in this one.
look like mixture of highstakes,mostwanted,undergro und combine together.

zodiac9092667d ago

OMG! NOT ANOTHER NEED FOR SPEED WITH A STORY!! The fomula of no story was working sooo well for the past 2 years! NFS: hot pursuit & Shift 2 were amazing without a story, why bring crappy actors back into the mix..Why, oh why!?

a_bro2667d ago

most wanted had a decent story.

MGRogue20172667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

*gasp* Could it be.. NFS Underground 3...? :O

lzim2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

actually, aside from Criterion's NFS as an awesome holdover, Undercover (in concept) and a return to Underground.. cross country/Highway 'race' is about all I really wanted BlackBox to try with NFS. Reminds me of Test Drive:Oahu's circuit of the Island race. You, the road, and some amount of traffic and cops pestering you if you get too out of control.

I hope they have bikes (reckless balls out speed) and helicopters (thrills).

oh geez.. is it possible? an NFS game from Blackbox that's more lust worthy than a Criterion Bournout game?!

ShadyDevil2667d ago

The title SAYS IT ..Need For Speed: The Run. Not Underground 3 lol.

tmoss7262667d ago

Kinda curious how they already got a date nailed down so early. Most games don't until 6 months or less.

--------2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

They make 2 at a time. One studio(s) works on their driving simulator series (Shift) and the other(s) works on their 'street racing' series (Hot pursuit/The Run) I may be incorrect but I'm pretty sure they've said that before.

Either way I'm excited. I'm a HUGE need for speed fan and the main character has the same name as me so I guess it'll be kind of like I'm being spoken to in the cutscenes haha.

tmoss7262667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Wtf with all the disagrees. True forgot about that. Criterion and Black Box right?

Edit: Oh they have 3 developers. I was wondering how Criterion could make a game in a year or less, but they don't.
NFS:HS - Criterion Games
NFS:SU2 - Slightly Mad Studios
NFS:The Run - Black Box Games

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