Obsidian and Bethesda working on New Vegas save fix

We're aware some folks are having New Vegas save issues . We're working with Microsoft on this and should have more information soon.

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theonlylolking2787d ago

I cannot believe they do not have the saving fixed completely. I am glad I have yet to buy this game.

shammgod2787d ago

I have already bought, completed and sold this game....thanks for the speedy fix

jbiz3202787d ago Show
2787d ago
WorldEndsWithMe2787d ago

Never let Obsidian make your games for you.

Christopher2787d ago

Most of these issues were carried over from the engine, not created by Obsidian. I do agree that Obsidian/Bethesda should have put priority on fixing these core issues, but they were likely told to work primarily on game and world design as well as storyline and leave the legacy technical issues for last.

WorldEndsWithMe2787d ago

All I know is I had very few problems with Fallout 3, tons in New Vegas, and Obsidian is known even more than bethesda for very glitchy games. A few issues won't stop me from enjoying a great experience, but when it freezes almost every time you play it's kind of hard. Obsidian has massive pop in problems as well.

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