Planet Moon artist shows off unreleased Kinect adventure game 'My Amazing Story'

Trevor Grimshaw, a lead artist for Planet Moon (when it was still Planet Moon) posted a bunch of concept art and screens from an "Unreleased Adventure Game" for Xbox 360, which Superannuation identified as a "first-party Kinect game" called My Amazing Story. That title does appear on the artist's resume, and the screenshots have "MAS" in their filenames, so it's a reasonably safe assumption.

The project, an action-adventure game, featured creepy monsters, various suits that the player could wear to gain powers -- including spacesuits and some kind of cat costume -- and cute Kinect integration in the form of "postcards."

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Masterchef20072671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Cool another exclusive for Kinect. This is great news for Kinect owners and casuals alike. I am happy that Kinect is receiving so much support and that there will never be a shortage of Kinect games for the device. Unlike Move which barely has any games for it. I am dying to use Move with an oblivion like game.