CVG: PlayStation Move Heroes Review

CVG: "PS3's motion-sensing Move controller launched last September and, with the exception of Sports Champions and Dead Space: Extraction, there hasn't really been a killer title to compliment it yet.

Sadly, uniting PlayStation's fi nest platforming heroes - including Ratchet and Clank, Sly and Bentley, and Jak and Daxter - for enforced motion-based activity does little to rectify this. PlayStation Move Heroes is little more than a series of repetitive mini-games that all revolve around the relatively limited range of gestures motion-controlled gaming tends to offer."

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BiggCMan2791d ago

I wonder if there is a difference between a 5.8 and a 5.9 :/
To me, increments of .5 make more sense. Anyways, I have only played the demo, and I can't really say that this score is far off. I really didn't like much of it. Its cool to see Jak and Sly on PS3, but I would much rather see them in new versions of their respective franchises. I am looking forward to All 4 One though.