CVG: Will you go back to PSN?

CVG: "Unless you're some sort of internet surfing ninja, the PlayStation Network news has been hard to avoid. Sony's online platform provides online gaming, new video game, movie and music content to millions - and it has been hit hard by nefarious hackers.

While we can all live without playing online for a few days, the PSN hacking fallout may have bigger repercussions. Earlier this week Sony issued a chilling official statement confirming that the personal information of its users had been compromised as a result of the illegal "intrusion"."

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Dart892789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Hellz yea,where else am i gonna get all the great exclusives coming out this year??

iamnsuperman2789d ago

With good exclusive coming out why would I avoid the PSN. It just a shame I can't afford all the exclusives. Still need to buy Killzone 3 and Socom 4 before Infamous 2 and Uncharted 3 come out

Dee_912789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

im just going to sit in the corner and stare at the wall from now on

no sarcasm im 100% serious

darthv722789d ago

i mean seriously. Has there been reports of people selling their ps3 and going to the wii or 360?

I know when rrod hit like crazy there were reports of people selling their 360 and getting a ps3 but with this.......come on.

Digitaldude2789d ago

Ridiculous, course I will. So its been offline for a week and bit,possibly little longer big whoop.
That changes nothing, if anything the network will be stronger than ever when it does come up, a better reason to go back if anything else.

ilikestuff2789d ago

ill be back like i was the terminator. get it? terminator. im dumb. but eh yea im going back to play some socom classic mode and all the other badass games ps3 has. until it comes back on ill be playing socom singlepalayer

captain-obvious2789d ago

ppl got back to xbox live after 2 weeks of being out
and they got back to it AND they had to pay for it too

PSN is free so ppl are going to get back to it no problem at all

smoothdude2789d ago

Well all credibility for this website has gone out of the window. What do you mean will you go back? Of course everyone will go back to PSN once it is back up, it is part of the Playstation 3.

Vaud-Villian2789d ago

Part of me wants to start using PSN cards instead of my credit card but I will return when they let me.

gamingdroid2789d ago

I think the vast majority will be careful in how they release their information to Sony. Some might opt to not buy stuff on PSN or just use pre-paid cards.

The vast majority will stay where they are. In the short term a small percentage of new customers *might* reconsider buying a PS3 due to the negative publicity that will be forgotten in a few months.

I never put my credit card in so no problems for me except changing a bunch of passwords and expecting spam on an account specifically for gaming that has had zilch spam... sigh.

gaden_malak2789d ago

im just going to sit in the corner and stare at the wall from now on

no sarcasm im 100% serious "

I'm editing your comment to make it totally fanboyish:

im just going to sit in the corner and stare at my Xbox 360 from now on

gaden_malak2789d ago

im just going to sit in the corner and stare at the wall from now on"

Editing for fanboy comment:

im just going to sit in the corner and stare at my XBOX 360 from now on

BattleAxe2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

No way! I'm going to buy an unreliable console and pay a subscription instead, and this way I can choose the pink armor :D

Zydake2789d ago


badz1492789d ago

PSn was hacked and after all the issues solved later, I'm just going to go to XBL? or Wii? I only have a PS3 afterall and I still have lots and lots of games to be played and not to forget the upcoming exclusives only available on PS3! why should I avoid PSN again?

MaxXAttaxX2789d ago

only not to go back to it.

This question makes total sense /s

SixTwoTwo2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Theres nowhere else to go for me. PS3 is the only console offering me a fall lineup of Uncharted 3, Dark Souls, Battlefield 3, Twisted Metal, Mass Effect 3, Elder Scrolls V, Resistance 3, Deus Ex, and Ratchet and Clank All 4 One.

HolyOrangeCows2789d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

My credit card info has been leaked in an unknown encryption! Of Course I'm going to avoid PSN from now on! My info is out there in nonsensical form!

And then what? When PSN is back online, I start playing games online for free again??

I've ALREADY buried my Ps3 in the backyard!

EDIT: Do I REALLY have to add a "/sarcasm" tag?

NiKK_4192789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

My friend just told me he was fed up about this and bought a 360...he didnt even have enough money for a game let alone live, sure others are doing the same, this really hurt sony.... I think I'm gonna cry... :'(

THEY DIDN'T KNOW!...they didn't know...

Pixel_Pusher2789d ago

Yes of course! I'm sure security is a top priority over at Sony after this situation so I feel confidant about trusting them with my info.

DatNJDom812789d ago

Reads headline*
Reads source name*

No surprise there.......

DragonKnight2789d ago

@gamingdroid: I honestly don't understand how it is possible you have so many bubbles with all the misinformation and FUD you've been spreading since this whole thing happened.

People's sensitive information was ALWAYS safe from the get go. If you'd bothered to read the entirety of the hacker's chat log, you'd have seen them admit the info was encrypted, and Sony officially stated so as well. Lying about that is illegal, and Sony is fully cooperating with law enforcement on this. So only those who didn't bother to read up on the facts are really worried about PSN in any way shape or form, and the majority of us with clear thinking, level heads will have absolutely NO qualms about going back to PSN when it is restarted.

I don't look forward to the endless years of trolls bringing up their misinformation again and continuing to post links years from now to past opinion articles that are skewed to high heaven. I suppose that's what happens when you choose to live in ignorance and not read up on the facts of this situation.

Lifendz2788d ago

Will I go back? Of course. For what it offers and the fact that there's no mandatory fee to use it, I don't think anyone would really say "I'm done with PSN after this fiasco." In fact, if there ever was a time to use it it's going to be when the service returns.

Sony will step up security and maybe even use this time to implement some features.

Despite everything, I'm still not really mad at Sony. I see them as a victim just like us gamers. If this has done anything its made me hate hackers more than I ever did.

sikbeta2788d ago

Of Course I will, I can't tell you how much I want PSN back :D

HappyGaming2788d ago

well its free so i can go back whenever I feel like it...

zag2788d ago

I haven't used the PSN for 6 months or more and this person is fussing over me being on there or not?

It's just a network not a life killing thing, The PS3 doesn't suddenly stop working if it's not connected to it.

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BiggCMan2789d ago

Correction: We never left.

ksense2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I would rather go home and stay for free even though it was robbed and be more careful and beef up security than go to a hotel and pay to stay :P

miyamoto2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Exactly! we never left it.
Bubs up!

Will gladly donate a PS3 to a loved one but trade it for another console, never!


Uncharted 3
The Last Guardian
Killzone 3
Team ICO Collection
Twisted Metal
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Ni No Kuni

and more

Ricco-Warrior2789d ago

Thank god for TV and the internet otherwise i would of just been bored out of my mind

scotchmouth2788d ago

This is the absolute truth

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ticklechamp2789d ago

Well, I 'm certainly not going to pay for a service in which I don't own the required system. Let's not be silly. lol

SeanScythe2788d ago

Yeah no kidding, no one in their right mind would leave because of hackers taking down a server. If that was the case the internet wouldn't be around.

I've invested to much time and money to give up my ps3 and not to mention the best games are coming to ps3 only this year.

oli2789d ago

dumb question, stuff like this happens and yet people do go back
Titanic sank, yet people still go on cruises
some Toyota cars have break probs, people still buy em
etc etc etc

gamingdroid2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

True, but the immediate cost to Toyota was enormous and for a while Toyota sales took a hit. They tried all sorts of promotions and still are (just got another email from them, 0% APR and $500 cash back on a new car).

To put in perspective, just a year ago when I bought my car, the APR was 1.9%. A healthy growing car company don't tend to have zero APR unless they are trying really hard.

oli2789d ago

yeeaaa... but you catch my drift here

KeiserSosay47882789d ago

Agreed, I bought 2 copies of socom 4 and have yet to play online co op with my bro so...........I'm not going to leave, except to play the gears 3 beta sometimes;)(seriously that game is gonna F-ing rock)

fedexas2789d ago

...I never left to begin with.

This is yet another article just to gain hits. Go figure.

Scyrus2789d ago

stupid articles, the only thing right now that people care about is seeing headlines say PSN IS BACK ONLINE!!!!

then they will just check thier Credit statements then go back to gaming....

all this news is annoying honestly

Obama2789d ago

PS3 is the only place to get superior exclusives so ps3 owners won't be given up on it due to a hack.

DOMination2789d ago

I'm glad to see most people above speaking sense. This has no doubt been an eye opener for all involved but we are heading towards the end of all this crap now and soon we can get back to the real deal. Gaming! Bubbles for everyone sensible

50Terabytespersec2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

You take a risk when you:
Get she!T for free and PSN was free, When you, get Games or free and music and stuff for free there are risk ,and having sat here fending off ports scans and tracking ping Storms (DOS attacks)attempted hijackings on my network at work,and all the bull that comes with swiping your card at some Punjabi owned gas/liquor store (where some kid with a laptop can dump all u info into) lets face it we are all forced to deal with this.
It is true Europe has has better CC security as the Euro Union of banks has invested millions in updating their tech, as American Banks will not front the cost and rather pay off the fraud as as it comes ,making you deal with the BS and life halting situation.
This is Corporate American greed once again and American arsse sitting and playing games.(no voice).
Sony is a Corporation deal with it!!!
Just give me my PS4!!! 500 MB/PS SOLID STATE DRIVE or bust!!!

jdoggystyyle2788d ago

not that i ever used psn anyway, i for one will NOT be going back. Will be taking my credit card info off of psn and sticking with xbox live. Where alllll my gamer friends are anyway. I know 3 people IRL and all through my wow playing days/ starcraft/starcraft 2/ team fortress classic/ TF2/ quake 1-3/diablo 1-2/ etc etc
and even then i sign on look at their last sign on date it was like 4 months ago lol. Its only in the world of n4g is sony ps3 and psn any good. Anywhere else on the planet, it is exactly what it is. Garbage

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Max_Dissatisfaction2789d ago

Go back? Are you kidding me?? Not only will I go back, I won't ever log off again!

WharenPeace2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Yes I would go back to PSN, but fortunately I never used my real details anyways, and I used pay cards instead of a credit card (just a habit I developed after being burnt on xbl*).

*They kept on re-subscribing me to gold, and it took me ages and many phone calls to get my credit card details off their books (this was before Microsoft allowed you to delete your credit card details on their website).

BillySpandex2789d ago

I had similar problems with xbox live. I ended up speaking to some Indian guy's supervisor and after literally a week's worth of phoning and screaming, they took my cc details of their server. It was hell. I even thought of cancelling the card to stop them from resubscribing.

ZombieAssassin2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Yea i think because of customers like us they made it possible to delete your info right from because I know I called them at least 3 times just to curse them out for not taking me off auto subscribe (about a year not having an xbox they were still charging me).

ONTOPIC: I'll be back on PSN mainly because I don't use my real name, my email pass is different than my PSN pass, and I use PSN cards to buy things so I don't really have anything to lose. I just hope after this it doesn't go down again at least not for as long as it did this time.

jerethdagryphon2789d ago

the way to deal with that is 'lose ' the cvard you set up to be billed it gets canceled you get a new one and they stop billing you

THC CELL2789d ago

yes even if my details was stolen, not as if i could not sort it out.. sony still has the best online out today n i cant wait to play socom

orangeback2789d ago

Of course most ps3 users are going to go back. I mean sure some of them are pretty mad about the lose in online gaming, but at the end of the day im not going to waste money selling all of my sony stuff and pick up an xbox or upgrade my pc.

limewax2789d ago

Yeah this I dont get, I dont know how it works in the US, but here in UK, poeple rip money from your bank, the bank puts it whats the big deal other than a small inconvenience for a very small minority of players.

To expand upon which, Sony stated CC info was encrypted and kept seperately to the leaked personal info, Many banks are now backing this up too

KeiserSosay47882789d ago


Unfortunately for us US citizens, our banks can do pretty much whatever they want lol