Sony Confirms PSN Accounts Will Not be Reset

Contrary to reports suggesting it would be possible there may have been permanent data loss during the PSN outage if Sony did not have a backup, the company has confirmed that PlayStation Network accounts will not be reset.

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Dart892788d ago

Seem's like the day keep's getting better and better for Sony.
Next update for Sony will be we have found the hacker.

Focker4202788d ago

I think these rumors are getting way out of hand. The only people that actually know what is/isn't affected is Sony. None of us will really know what had happened until they get the PSN back up again.

The past week its been "News 4 PSN Conspiracy Theories", and its getting really old.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2788d ago

All the news from these articles are coming from moderators/Blog Posts on the EU/US PS Blog, Some from the official twitter aswell. I was thinking to myself where are these, with all due respect, lower profile gaming websites getting all this info from.

but yeah they are getting majority of thier info from answers on the PS Blog.

inveni02788d ago

I wouldn't have thought even for one second that the data was gone. It was just accessed by someone else. They didn't erase everything. Some people are real extremists.

gaffyh2788d ago

Analysts were saying that Sony would have lost data permanently when they switched PSN off, but looks like it will be ok.

Kleptic2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

What I do hope is that this finally allows us to change our usernames and keep the same account...XBL does that...and with the email out suggesting we change our user names on unrelated sites if they are the same?...

why not just let us change our user name on the PSN?...set it up so you can only do it once every so often or whatever...and have it automatically send a message to your friends saying that 'your friend XXX changed his username to YYY'...but they still remain friends...

you can already change EVERYTHING me this seems like one of the best way to pretty much ruin what was stolen...the DB has to have some internal primary key that we don't see...but the hackers do...but if they let all users change everything attached to that entry, it dissembles the entire stolen db...if we have to have the same user name, that is the one link that can keep us tracked...

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

''PlayStation Network credit card info appears to be safe''

''The PSN Accounts will not be reset''

''Lawsuits against Sony might be over before they start''

Excellent Sony, PS Brand will become more stronger.

Max_Dissatisfaction2788d ago

There's a position open at my firm for a spokesperson...

KeiserSosay47882788d ago

@ Max_Dissatisfaction

Lol, that was funny...Bubble

Capdastaro2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )


Are you employed by Sony or something?

All I see from your comments is Sony this Sony that, Sony is making it more secure, Sony, Sony, Hackers fault not Sony, Sony Sony Sony Sony Sony.

shoddy2788d ago

I'm not support Sony on this matter.
I'm %100 sure Sony don't want this.
my credit card is on psn, I'm not too worried I'll check my CC statement monthly.

Hackers can get your CC info many different ways not just psn.

if you have balls go sue Sony, if you win I'll follow. I hate people whine like a ho.

our real enemies are fuk face hackers.

good to know I still have level 10 trophies.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Huh, didn't know you will get upset about me.

Sorry, or I apologize.

Dee_912788d ago

Dont take that as a bad thing
being a spokesman could be your calling ;)

gaffyh2788d ago

@Capdastaro - Do you work for Microsoft or something, because you seem to say the opposite?

Realize how stupid that statement is now? Some people have different opinions.

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BX812788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

@Dart89. Now if the day was to get excellent for Sony. The next story would read... Police kill Sony's hacker in one sided shoot out. Then the police officers would say they were marksmen with their pistols but after using the PS sharpshooter they became experts. That's how they took out the hacker so quick.

Focker4202788d ago

I don't know whether to laugh, or facepalm...

ilikestuff2788d ago

that wasnt funny but your trying, keep at it, youll get there

beavis4play2788d ago

finding that loser hacker would be good news for ALL of us!

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skynidas2788d ago

This is good, I'm a little worried about my trophies.

Cosmit2788d ago

I think its already confirmed that trophy data is not affected at all by this.

phinch2788d ago

trophies and psn funds are not effected!

DWOM2788d ago

u mean affected, right?

NiKK_4192788d ago

if anything were to happen anyway, couldn't they just download the trophy data you have stored on your ps3 locally to their servers? because the ps3 has it all stored anyway

jerethdagryphon2788d ago

when i sync my trophys i better have all of em sony

WildArmed2788d ago

If you still have your trophies on your ps3, I don't think you have anything to wry about.
The moment you sync, it'll update the servers.
(assuming the servers were wiped-- but that is not the case)

So, it looks they are safe either way.

jerethdagryphon2788d ago

i lost a few during ps3polcolypse :( im housebound so gaming is all i really have

TrevorPhillips2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Now that would definitely piss people off to the max lol. But thankfully our PSN accounts are not being reset.

I hope they find the people behind this whole disaster and send him or them to jail as well as a big fine.