The Story So Far: First Person Shooters

ClickOnline takes a look at the humble first person shooter, from its surprisingly aged roots right through to the modern day and asks "where do we go from here?"

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Misterhbk2420d ago

The story so far with FPS games? I didn't know there was one.

KeiserSosay47882420d ago

I thought the story for Halo 1 was pretty good. On the surface it seemed to be a little cliche, but the actual story itself was pretty good, imo

Shackdaddy8362420d ago

Halo 1 had a good story. I didn't like the other ones too much though...

Ruggadagod2420d ago

the only fps that had a good story to me was deus ex and half life.

ERMAC_2420d ago

They aren't literally talking about the story in FPS games...

Misterhbk2420d ago

I hope you're joking? That was obviously sarcasm. A wee little joke at the fact that most FPS don't have any story whatsoever. Just a joke.

ERMAC_2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

I assumed your was

I was a little skeptical after 2 people said it. I didn't want people just reading the comments and assume it's what the article was about.

drosera12420d ago

Well yippee for you and your future. Controls are just fine on consoles, stop being a mouse-fanboy.

undercovrr2420d ago

Old article. And lol "Well this month sees the release of another top notch Call of Duty title in Black Ops". I hope he said that BEFORE the release of Black Ops

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