OXCGN’s Steal It For 360? The Sims Medieval (PC)


"Have you ever wanted to rule a kingdom, run a store or slay great beastly bears? Well in The Sims Medieval, all this and more is possible in this open world of humour, fun and… village stocks.

The Sims Medieval is a life simulation game based in the medieval ages and is developed and published by EA games.

This particular Sims game is somewhat different from the other Sims games in that the menial tasks like going to the toilet and performing tasks to get certain attributes up have been removed for the better, as it now focuses on only two attributes: hunger and energy."

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gaminoz2789d ago

I'm glad they streamlined this one a bit, and it is an interesting time period for a sims game too.

BadCircuit2789d ago

This game would have been a nice change of pace for consoles to the usual action oriented games, but maybe they didn't make enough from their prevous sims console games?

Proeliator2789d ago

Hmm. This is an interesting one. It almost reminds me of Age of Empires in a sense.

BadCircuit2789d ago

Oooo I'd love to have that one on 360! As long as they do okay controls (better than Age of Empires 2 on PS2)