Games Abyss: Yakuza 4 Review

Justin Belin writes, "To me, Yakuza is first and foremost about its story and on that end, Yakuza 4 does not disappoint. Yakuza 3’s plot started on an intimate note, dealing with a personal threat to the orphanage where Kaz has pseudo-retired after the events of the prior games. The player enjoyed a few quiet and domestic moments settling in to life as a father figure to a cast of endearing children before the plot explodes, unfolding into a complex tale of warring Yakuza factions. In contrast, Yakuza 4 is immediately grandiose in scope. For the first time, series mainstay Kazuma makes some room in the spotlight for three other leads, each of whom bring with them their own fighting styles, dedicated side quests and, most importantly, personalities."

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ThePsychoGamer2788d ago

It was a great game, and a great way to spend time till the PSN is back

Istanbull2788d ago

I know right, Yakuza 3 and 4 are one of the greatest games this gen! Such an amazing storyline.

Scissorman822788d ago

Agreed. I also can't wait for Of the End. ^_^ Zombies and Yakuza. Fuck yeah.

SaiyanFury2788d ago

Just finished 4 a few days ago, and when I the final credits rolled I literally stood up and applauded, it was that good. The story was incredible and seriously one of the most intricate and amazing plots I've EVER experienced be it TV, movies, games, or books. The only other time I've stood up was when I finished MGS4.

Just went back and restarted Yakuza 3 cause I never got around to finishing it last time. Also a fantastic game.

Ruggadagod2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

you feel attached to the characters so much and feel for them.that is why i love alot of these ps3 exclusives. they just grab you and immersive you into the game world for it's story and gameplay also. i actually cried manly tears in some parts of yakuza 3 and 4. when people talk about the best ps3 exclusives out there, it's usually god of war 3 or killzone,uncharted,etc. i like those, but there is nothing like yakuza. it killed gran theft auto for me forever.

SaiyanFury2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Yeah Shinnosuke, it really was that good and one of the most overlooked exclusive series we have as PS gamers. I never shed a tear, but then I'm largely unemotional anyways, but you're point about identifying with the characters is very well taken. My fave character, who is usually Kiryu obviously, was Akiyama Shun. I just love his laid back approach to everything and the fact that he was voiced by Yamadera Kouichi was awesome. In case you don't know who is he, perhaps you're too young, he voiced Hibiki Ryouga in Ranma 1/2, one of the greatest anime series of all time.

Scissorman822788d ago

I hadn't even thought of it that way! =D

ThanatosDMC2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I'm at 50+hrs and 59% completion and i still need to talk to Date to do the final story mission. Damn, good game.

First playthrough on Hard mode and still not done yet, but i realized i made a mistake when i saw that i cant get Indomitable trophy if i didnt finish Normal mode, which really sucks.

Hard mode itself is easy especially if you've played Y3.

Kiryu Kazuma > everybody

Edit: Look up "Oarfish" on wikipedia/google. I learned something from Y4. I swear i thought i caught a fake fish... but this thing is REAL!

CDbiggen2788d ago

Although it wasn't a masterpiece, I had an absolute blast playing this game. Tons of mini games, side quests and new locations along with the 3 new characters kept it feeling fresh and enjoyable.

Rob9462788d ago

I love this game was a lot of fun to play through and im still playing it but I still prefer Yakuza 3, I just liked been able to explore Okinawa which I thought was cool.

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