TVG: Driver San Francisco Preview

TVG writes: "This game is not called Road-kill Enthusiast. Neither is it called Pedestrian Pancake-Maker. Ubisoft could have called it The Walking Died, but they didn't; firstly, because that's a stupid name, and secondly, because pedestrians don't die in this game. Or at least, you can't run them over; I like to think that after a day of perfectly timed evasive jumps away from speeding cars, there's a line in the code which has them suffer a fatal stress-induced heart attack just before bed. Or perhaps their endless paranoid rambling about drivers 'hunting them down' results in a wrongly diagnosed persecution complex, and they end up hanging themselves after taking a Risperidone overdose (but not before their partner leaves them and they spend several years miserable and alone, sobbing into the tawdry fur of their arthritic pet cat, Steve, who's enormous vet bills ultimately bankrupt them, forcing them to live in a house of cardboard and rusty cat-food tins, occasionally selling off semi-vital organs for smack)".

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