Reflections Readies Return of “Iconic” Driver

VG247: "It’s been five years since the last home console instalment in the Driver franchise. Even so, Driver: San Francisco picks up the narrative from the older – and awkwardly titled – third instalment, Driv3r, which was released in 2004 to critical reception that ranged from lukewarm to stone cold. But in this age of the BAFTA award winning Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and with several entries in the MotorStorm series in the intervening years, is the Driver brand still relevant?

Ubisoft Reflections’ attempt to push the franchise back to the forefront of the gamer consciousness sees the return of popular protagonist Tanner and his nemesis Jericho. The narrative picks up around six months after the end of Driv3r, where it’s revealed that both men survived the shootout that provided the game’s climax."

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Paragon2790d ago

Too bad they got rid of the on-foot sections. And Driv3r was as bad as people made it out to be.

e-p-ayeaH2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Yes Driv3r was underrated.

I remember you people that Driver 2 had on-foot sections just to switch cars and buttons around the environment and Driv3r does a little more of the same in theory.

Driv3r driving was great with tight controls and awesome crashes for its time.

e-p-ayeaH2790d ago

So this is actually a sequell to Driv3r instead being an reboot.

I think a reboot would be better because the old Tanner i knew didnt had nothing to do with this one.


How can you not remember the old Tanner mindjacking cars all around? LOL.

Seriously, I expected a new Driver to have a great policial narrtive, great car handleing (maybe even wheel compatibility), great destruction, over the top car persuit and maybe some few and well done (for a change) shootouts just to compliment the story and give all that driving a break... Not Psi-Ops on cars.

Looks like I'll have to pray for an Eight Days comeback or to next Burnout to feature a real story mode