Jurassic Park: The Game - T-Rex vs. Triceratops Gameplay

Check out this lengthy scene from Jurassic Park: The Game, featuring multiple outcomes of success and failure during the climactic battle between the Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Cosmit2425d ago

Whoa that death where the father died was brutal! Lol

deadpoole2424d ago

Yeaaaaaa ... I was like dayuuuummmmmmm ... lollll

Thatguy-3102424d ago

heavy rain anyone ? lol idk looks enjoyable to play ...want more games like these

Wizziokid2424d ago

heavy rain? you do know heavy rain wasn't the first game to do what it does right

Thatguy-3102424d ago

@ wiZzio
I know they're ton of games that have done that game mechanic but heavy rain is the only game this gen that has done don't use this gameplay as much as they used to..

Jovahkiin2424d ago

The game looks atrocious... but unbelievably funny :P

BX812424d ago

Really? Do you mean gameplay wise or actual looks. I'm a sucker for dinosaurs so I can't wait for this game to come out!

Jovahkiin2424d ago

Gameplay, seems to be just QTE, im not a fan of those.

Graphics look great though on the dinos.

BX812424d ago

@Joey1666 I wasn't either. I just thought I wouldn't have as much fun having constant control over my character but then I played Heavy Rain (PS3). That game completely changed my mind and opened me up to QTE's. If the story can keep up (I'm hoping), then it should be a good game. I would recommend Heavy Rain if you have a PS3 they have a demo on PSN when it comes back up. Or if you're like me and RPG's you'll never get into it lol.

Wizziokid2424d ago

can't wait to get this :)
I love Jurassic park, favourite movie of all time

sam22362424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

Where's the gameplay? All I see is a cutscene.

EDIT: @Wizziokid: I've played their BttF game and that has more gameplay than this JP game.

Just because it's a JP game or it has dinosaurs in it, doesn't automatically make it good.

Wizziokid2424d ago

never played a Telltale Game or are you just trollin

sam22362424d ago

@newhumanbreed: Improve your reading comprehension, then check out the edited part of my above comment.

kesvalk2424d ago

the game seems good, but i am not into dinosaurs, never liked them...

kesvalk2423d ago

it's like monkeys, i don't like monkeys, and that why i never played the first 3 DKs games...

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The story is too old to be commented.