Microsoft Planning Some Groundbreaking Announcements For E3 2011?

An earnings release by Microsoft has raised some very interesting details regarding its plans to steal the show at E3 2011. Microsoft have boasted that they have sold 2.3 million consoles since the start of 2011, translating to a 79% increase in sales compared to the same period last year. Microsoft have proclaimed that Kinect is the ''fastest selling consumer electronics device'', and this fact is officially recognized by the Guinness world records.

Where everything gets interesting is the fact that Microsoft have stated that they are expecting''momentum to continue'', with a projection of revenue increasing by 25%. The electronics giant will make its announcements about driving growth at E3 so a price cut can most likely be expected. Nintendo will debut its Wii successor and Microsoft will surely drop a megaton to ensure that it's Xbox 360 console isn't overshadowed by the Wii 2.

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NYC_Gamer2791d ago

they better announce some ground breaking software

blumatt2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Hopefully we see several exclusives. We can't go another year like 2011. I can't wait to see that Kingdoms game. I hope they show some gameplay of that and several other unannounced exclusives.

It's also likely that they'll show off some exclusive Call of Duty dlc for the next CoD game.

sdtarm2791d ago Show
zeeshan2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Xbox 360 with blu-ray? :P
Xbox 360 2?
Xbox 720? :P

I kid, I kid! :D On a serious note, I think we'll see Fable 3 announcement along with some more Casual Kinect and even a hardcore Kinect game? Another Halo? Some Forza 4 information and we'll defenitely get to see a lot more about Gears 3.

Bigpappy2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

What if they announce 10 exclusives and most people prefer and buy the Multi-plats?Exclusive are only worth it, if they outshine the Multi-plats and are released when they are not competing with other big names on the same console.
Gears released in September is a good move as it will sell well when ever it is released, this gives 3rd party a better shot at selling big numbers for the holidays and ensure that they with continue great support for your console.

On topic: The article is mostly speculation. Lacks any real details on what M$'s plan is for E3.

captain-obvious2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

i know for sure that they'll show the next COD and some other kinect stuff
and most likely that kingdom game

thats like 100% sure

but MS should do their best cause sony is on the role lately with games

AAACE52791d ago

Besides new exclusives or a new console, about the only way they can make a groundbreaking announcement is if they somehow get CoD as an exclusive franchise!

... but what are the odds of that happening?

hay2790d ago

After last year's E3 I expect smoke and mirrors.

ThanatosDMC2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

It's gonna be Natal... it looks exactly like Kinect but it's better because of an extra sticker and they're gonna advertise it like crazy so people who have Kinect will buy Natal.

I hope it's another Halo game. I mean, why not, right?

thats_just_prime2790d ago

maybe they got a timed exclusive for the next CoD that be HUGE. As unlikely as it seem it could happen. Especially if you look at all the problems with the psn. Devs are worried about customers no longer trusting $ony or the psn. Even when psn comes back up a lot of people are goin to shy away from using for a few months. So maybe they think CoD on the ps3 might sale better after $ony puts this whole mess behind them

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Joni-Ice2791d ago ShowReplies(3)
BubbleSniper2791d ago

ms gonna get swept aside this E3 like some dust under a forgotten rug.

Project Cafe.........!

andrewsqual2791d ago

Kinect Adventures 2. Absolutely Ground Shattering

Klaykid1232790d ago

Use hand motions to virtually grab onto ropes! Swing by moving your body forward and back!

GOTY 4 sure

2790d ago
meetajhu2791d ago ShowReplies(2)
aceitman2791d ago

i have a funny feeling since nintendo is coming out with a new system .so will microsoft.

Hatiko2791d ago

They just started to hire people to work on one. They have stated that 2014 will be the earliest. (Or maybe 2013?) But no way anythime soon.

ardivt2790d ago

a new xbox is very unlikely, but just imagine IF:
they would blow away nintendo and sony. while sony tries to make this gen profitable, ms starts a new one. this really would destroy sony as they are heavily concentrating on this gen and I hope i will not happen!
it's fun how microsoft does nothing to promote their console for the hardcore gamers and sony spends millions for AAA exclusives and still seems to fail in terms of sales. that really sucks

bartender642791d ago

Don't fall for this again. So far this year they had lied to their consumers 3 times already.

I'm not believing you again MS, unless you prove me wrong this year, which I doubt.

Vherostar2790d ago

I can't see what they gonna release other than new Kinect titles and exclusive DLC. Also as for Kinect did you know certain shops in the UK have stopped stocking the Kinect device in new?? I didn't until last week when I went to buy one I was forced to buy one pre-owened they said it was because people hardly buy at full price anymore and they get so many back in trade. This was GAMESTATION in UK though. She also told me all Gamestation stores in the UK have stopped stocking new Kinect devices. GAME are said to stop soon too. Gamestation are owned by GAME so it makes sense.

Seems Kinect sales are drying up here and people are trading them in after a couple of months. So we need some good titles for it otherwise it will got the way of the dream-cast. A good idea with a massive backing but in the end it will fail.

Solid_Snake-2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

[email protected] got PWND into buying pre-owned by a girl in gamestation.

from personal knowledge gamestation and game have not stopped ordering kinect new. i promise you that. gamestation have a bundled in with kinect meaning they need at least the same amount of kinect as consoles. and let me guess gamestation has stop ordering new xbox consoles.

tut tut tut.

on topic. i love how people mock xbox's ground breaking news. yet no one was laughing when kojima came out at microsofts press conference.

i couldnt say what the ground breaking news is but should be something cool.

im hoping gabe newell will have something better to offer at e3.

DeadlyFire2790d ago

Its one of three things.

A new console
New Halo
New Kinect Crap
or a price cut

xAlmostPro2790d ago

They'll anounce that there won't be an xbox 720 or even a sequel however kinect done so well that Kinect2 will be a console with all new exclusive window washing game :D hehe

Nah hopefully it's something awesome, lack of hardcore games/exclusives is becoming annoying.

I mean the Wii was casual from the start but to go from a hardcore device to casual on the same piece of hardware = not cool.

Anyways it's still a great year for gaming, let's see what happens

KeiserSosay47882790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I agree, but what is up with the MS hate? They say that they are gonna announce awesome stuff for GAMERS and the gamers bitch about it? I don't get it. I would love a reason to buy another 360, wouldn't you guys?

jdoggystyyle2790d ago


welcome to n4g...better known as planet sony ball suckers

TVippy2790d ago

LOL, so, it's just another speculation article? Useless shit on the main page.

the_best_player2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Don't they need some "first party developers" FIRST to make games? All I know is they have Rare as a developer lol.

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slavish32791d ago

hope some hardcore kinect games and free xbox live

shikamaroooo2791d ago

live will never become free the fact its already cost why make it free and take a big loss in money

gaden_malak2791d ago

You won't get either.

Free Xbox Live (why would they when it's a money generator)
Hardcore Kinect games are nearly impossible to do.

Double_Oh_Snap2791d ago

Yeah core games on Kinect /s people wake up Kinect will never be for the core gamer lol no controller hands free bs for on the rails experiences. If you ask me Kinect is a terrible product that does absolutely nothing new we seen this all before its a enhanced eye toy at best. This sucks to because microsoft abandoned there true fanbase Gears 3 looks awesome but then what. Case an point reason I sold 360 cause 360=Kinect now oh an Halo 4 or Halo remake. Still most of microsoft will be for there p.o.s fastest selling consumer electronic device.

Morbius4202790d ago

I think they can make a Kinect enabled Overlord 3.

guigsy2791d ago

They announced a load of hardcore Kinect games at last year's Tokyo Game Show. Hopefully we will see them in the flesh at E3.

gaden_malak2791d ago

Like what? And what did they show to prove it?

Rise of Nightmares? The game with no information that is undoubtably going to be on-rails.

slavish32791d ago


you think since you were on the internet you'd use it. Rise of Nightmares NOT ON RAILS

Vherostar2790d ago

A game not on rails for Kinect I think would be hard to control. I own Kinect and on rails games are a bugger to be fair..

Delicious Malicious2791d ago

Good god dude, Its only 8 Bucks a month. Hell I can rummage 8 dollars in change from your moms panty draw. Just as easy as you can.

slavish32791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

i don't mind the price. Its just not worth it to me. I don't use the feature. only online thats it.

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offdawall2791d ago

dont really think so .... microsort is pretty much dead this year ... the only reason to own 360 is gears3 .... im praying they drop kinect an get some dam games

Max_Dissatisfaction2791d ago

Dead this year? They just sold 79% more consoles during the last quarter than their previous March quarter, making it their BEST March quarter since joining the videogame console business. Yeah...they are dead/s

Stryfeno22791d ago

Boy if increase in sales is dead to you, I just wonder what alive looks like in your book.

xTruthx2791d ago

I forgot we gamers played sales

kaveti66162791d ago

Does your 360 not play multiplatform game discs?

guigsy2791d ago

Dead? It's the only viable console for online multiplayer at the moment.

Klaykid1232790d ago

Because a media/game system is obviously a paperweight without online,


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mrv3212791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Didn't we say the same thing last year? With Kinect and I heard on several occasions 'Microsoft has 2 E3's for the sheer amount of content' What did we get well... nothing.

DW guys we'll see all the fantastic first party content ad Germany and Tokyo game shows... trust us.

shikamaroooo2791d ago

don't forget about the core GDC announcements

SpLinT2791d ago

Halo4 , Gears 3, some random american RPG, pretty much like every year except subtract 1 to each number

Blad3star2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

You forgot one.

One PS3 3rd party exclusive every year for the 360.

But I dont think Sony has anymore 3rd party exclusives except MGS and Yakuza.

Yakuza on the 360 can really help MS in Japan.