Redbox Carrying Video Games Nationwide In June

Redbox will increase consumers' access to video game rentals by leveraging our incredible technology and business model to keep rental prices low for consumers. With more than 21,000 redbox locations slated to feature video game rentals alongside movies this June, redbox will be the one-stop shop for entertainment.

-Game Revolution

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dbjj120882667d ago

I'm ready to rent, but I sure wish Netflix would offer video games... I don't want to rent from more than one place....

v1c1ous2667d ago

yeah i wish there was a Netflix like service for videogames...



dbjj120882667d ago

What I mean is... PUT THEM TOGETHER

2667d ago
v1c1ous2667d ago

huh i always assumed gamefly was the same company as netflix. oh well.

doctorstrange2667d ago

The more places I can get my fix the better

Nitrowolf22667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

I guess that great, but $2 a day is a bit expensive. I don't honestly think renting video game rental from redbox is a good idea. Gamefly, though there shipping sucks, would still be considered cheaper when you look at how long most people keep the game. Would love Netflix to start offering games, then i could have it all under one service.

Cardenjs2667d ago

its the exact same rate as Blockbuster, except that you can return it early or keep it longer

samurailincoln2667d ago

Red box? Never heard of them. Sounds like something that happens to my GF once every month.

Sev2667d ago

Haha, I guess you don't go grocery shopping. They're in every supermarket in the Northeast.

samurailincoln2667d ago

Hmmm...Mebbe it's just an East Coast thing then. Although I do tend to not pay attention to most of machines at the front of the grocery stores like the lotto scratcher dispenser and ATMs. All I know is I try to avoid my GF when she has one. ;)

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