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VGW's Jen Bosier: I had once jested, not too long ago, that there are two types of iPhone people: those who like Angry Birds, and those who like Plants vs. Zombies. One game offers a leisurely, physics-based puzzle type of game experience, and the other offers more of a quick-paced strategic style. To be perfectly honest, neither game much appealed to me (beyond the initial hour or so of “this is new!’) because I felt both were missing … something. I like puzzles, but I like an additional challenge such as speed or time. On the other hand, games like Plants vs. Zombies felt a little, well, boring. Planting flowers just didn’t hold my attention for more than a day.

Fortunately, Hothead’s recent Bunny the Zombie Slayer combines both of these elements in such a flawless manner, it is one of the few games I foresee staying on my phone for a very long time

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