GamesRadar: 5 reasons to hate Minecraft

GamesRadar writes: "Let it be known that we love indie games – they’re a great alternative to the same old linear brown shooters that every major developer religiously cranks out these days. That said, people are way too quick to overlook an indie game’s faults just because it wasn’t produced by EA. Minecraft’s meteoric rise to indie stardom has made Markus “Notch” Persson a multimillionaire and established Minecraft as one of the most successful indie games ever made".

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Capdastaro2669d ago

I agree, but reason 4 is why I bought it really.

Spent too many hours just dicking around having a jolly old time with my mate with no purpose or objective

Jio2669d ago

I didn't find any of those reasons good

Solidus187-SCMilk2669d ago

how can you "hate" a videogame.

I either like them, or am indifferent. I wont Hate it. If you "hate" a videogame, its time for you to get a life.

I got one reason for yuo to "hate" yourself: Because you are capable of "hating" a videogame.

mbtfivefinger32669d ago

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CrimsonEngage2669d ago

Wasting time? This guy probably never played Minecraft on a 32 player server where people have come together to create entire towns with their own CURRENCY. I'm part of cool minecraft server and i build a Hotel and resort which is pretty damn massive. I charge other players Iron and Gold to stay in a room where they can put there stuff in chests and have a place to sleep at night when the Creepers come out.

That's what the game is about. Survival.