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"Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce you to my new Co-Host (or as I like to call him "hetero life partner") Max Scoville. Some of you may recognize him from our drunken St. Patty's day GDC/PAX recap, while other may even know him from the weekly show he does for Destructoid. Despite the fact that he's from another website, I'd like you all to welcome him with open arms as we delve into our first drunk review together, Mortal Kombat.

For a game like this, just not any old drink would do so we pulled together our collective brain power to concoct a drink that was just as brutal, powerful and possibly vomit inducing as MK itself. The result is an elixier we now call "The Fatality". Watch as it takes its toll on both of us in this weeks episode of Drunk Game Reviews. Cheers!"

-Blake Morse, Game Revolution

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Sev2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Don't drink and drive folks, it could lead to a fatality.

Or texting and driving. No one will ask for your friendship.

Mortal Kombat and booze does, however, mix well.

stormeagle62788d ago

That is one unholy looking concoction. Which I suppose is only appropriate for MK.

LostTokens2787d ago

Drinking with Mortal Kombat!? You must be loco (or some equivalent of)!

Where's my bottle of Jack?