Microsoft Ships 2.7m million X360s in the March 11' Quarter

Microsoft has just announced its quarterly earnings result

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Zir02489d ago

So the 360 outsold the Wii WW for an entire quarter, in fact it outsold it more than 2:1 if I remember correctly.

Go MS.

Dante1122489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

So going off of the last report on Q3 (50.8 million), this puts the X360 at 53.5 million WW.

Edit: Damn, my bad. I thought it was 51 million, it 50.8 million. I changed it.

Edit2: @ disagree Even your own source in the article says it's at 53.5 million. :/

VampiricDragon_2489d ago ShowReplies(1)
eagle212489d ago

2:1 my ass. Nintendo sold over 2 million Wii's. This report says "shipped" anyway. Nintendo's report even had PS3 selling the most so you know Nintendo has their data on point if they aren't afraid to show that. I don't know where you are getting this 2:1 from jack. :)

DirtyLary2489d ago

How many are replacement purchases for bricked or banned consoles?

v1c1ous2489d ago

bricked? well the slims xbox have lower failure rates than PS3 so definetaly low.

banned? well i'm sure a lot. of course, no one can ban ps3s cause none can get online.


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Optical_Matrix2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Nice one. Keep XBLA strong while you're at it MS. That shits addictive. Great games.

EDIT: Where are the disagree's coming from? XBLA is host to some of the most creative games I've seen this gen. Carry on playing your COD's and your Fifa's...I'll enjoy gaming genius in ilomilo

Active Reload2489d ago

Yes, and very underrated...

JAMurida2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Why would you even respond with asking why do you have disagrees??? Seeing to how you have two bubbles, it's clear you understand how this site works. If you say anything positive about the Xbox 360, you'll get a disagree. Simple. I see people like you edit your post and say that every time, (especially when the subject is around Microsoft/Xbox 360).

It's almost as if you were waiting for someone to disagree with your comment or something, lol. Don't bother worrying about nonsense like that man...

cochise3132489d ago

With sales like these is the reason I say we're not going to get a new gen until MS and Sony are nice and ready.

gamingdroid2489d ago

Things might change when the Project Cafe is released though.

That said, I'm wanting a new generation to start now!

-MoOkS-2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Still going strong after all these years; no signs of slowing down yet, either :)

Things should increase tenfold once Gears of War 3 releases

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undercovrr2489d ago

Sadly that is the only game (so far) you have to look forward to this year. Unless you're a racing fan, then Forza 4 as well.

VampiricDragon_2489d ago

yeah the 360 has 0 exclusives this year basically

nilamo2489d ago

The year hasn't even begun yet, there is still E3 for new announcements. Besides I find it amusing how sony fanboys ignore XBLA and all the new kinect IP's when talking about exclusives.

Max_Dissatisfaction2489d ago

What about all the multiplat games? Are 360 owners not allowed to look forward to those? i mean so far there's only been ONE SONY AAA scoring exclusive, I'm just saying.

KDubyah2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Actually, I have all these to look forward to:

Skyrim, LA Noire, Brink, Battlefield 3, From Dust.
Deus Ex, Call of Duty, Duke Nukem Forever, Rage.
Batman: Arkham City, Michael Phelps: Push Limit.
Max Payne 3, Dead Island, I Am Alive, Dark Souls.
Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Mass Effect 3, Saints Row 3.
BioShock, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Prey 2, Prototype 2 ..

What are you talking about with this two(2) game only nonsense?
I mean, who the fuck plays only exclusive games? That's retarded.

Echo3072489d ago


Yes yes yes. I don't understand why these guys so ape shit over the number of exclusives they have. Especially since just as many PS3 exclusives end up disappointing.... like Move Heroes or Socom 4. Both scored terribly considering the expectations set by the PS3 crowd.

And if history has taught us anything, it's that most of the multiplats you listed will likely look and perform slightly better on the 360. Plus, the network you'll play them on probably won't crap out for *weeks* at a time and leak your personal info.

JAMurida2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )


As much as I would hate to somewhat add to this console war cycle we go through EVERYDAY on this site, I'm curious to ask you if you've played SOCOM 4 or did watch a review of SOCOM 4 to come to the conclusion that it was a disappointing game?

And before you answer, I'm NOT attacking you in any form or fashion. Just asking a question.

Echo3072489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )


In all honesty, I have not played the full version of Socom 4. I played the beta (which was really just a demo since they had no time to change anything on the disc before launch), found it to be disappointing, and then read several reviews from publications that I personally trust that also labeled it as a sub-par offering compared to what the Socom franchise and Zipper have delivered in the past.

I still *almost* bought it because I wanted access to the Resistance beta. Luckily, PS Plus members will be getting that too so it sounds like I'm in either way.

EDIT - I appreciate you asking an honest question without attacking. Despite the way my original comment reads, a fanboy I am not. I've spent way more time on my PS3 than the my 360 over the past 18 months. I have more trophies than achievements and I was a PS Plus subscriber on day 1.

I just get sick of reading the same stupid argument over and over again from PS3 fanboys. It's like they think exclusives are the only games out there these days. Truth be told, there are WAAAAAY more high-ranking multiplats than exclusives.

JAMurida2489d ago


I agree as well. I'm looking more forward to Elder Scrolls V more than anything, so I understand where your coming from on that.

I only asked because a lot of people would just go off the review of a game, (without even touching the game at all), than actually playing it for themselves to decide if it's good or not.

Glad for once in a long time (sadly) I was able to have a "normal" discussion on this site, lol.

KDubyah2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Yeah, I don't quite understand it either, but I do find it funny ..
I mean, if exclusives are all they wanna play, so be it, but it's dumb.
Half those games I listed I am looking forward to more than any exclusive.
And, that is on the PS3 or x360 side of things. I own both systems, anyway.
So, it's not like I can't get whatever game I choose to get, so, whatever, lol.
Although, 3/4 of my multiplat games are bought and played on my x360 ..
Why? I just prefer the x360 controller and Live over PS3s controller and PSn.

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