A Year's Worth of Data - Monster Hunter Tri

The data covered includes "Average & Total Game-Play Hours Reported", "Approx. Number of Players Having Reported Data", as well as sales ranks and review score averages for Monster Hunter Tri.

"How many hours have Wii owners spent hunting monsters near Moga Village in the last year, with 371 days reported? Let's take a look!" says CoffeeWithGames in the introduction section.

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CoffeewithChess2636d ago

Are any of you still playing Monster Hunter Tri? If so, what would you say your "Play Time" is in the game?

Shok2636d ago

I play it when I have long breaks from school. I currently have 400 hours logged onto it, and I plan to hop back on during the summer.

CoffeewithChess2636d ago

What level are you? 80-90ish, or in that range like Myst?

Myst2636d ago

Playtime was near Shok's but I accidently deleted my character after making it to HR 80 or something? Not sure either 80 or 90. Since I lost it pretty much have to start over lol which all in all isn't that bad.

CoffeewithChess2636d ago

"...I accidently deleted my character after making it to HR 80 or something?"

WOW! Well, at least you're experienced enough now, to know how to handle the different monsters.
The lower HR levels seem to go pretty fast, as I'm still low 20s, but I went up like 3 ranks in 2-3 hours of hunting the other night.

Shok2636d ago

I'm actually only HR 38 lol. I should be a higher level considering the amount of time I put in, but I'm just an unlucky guy - most random people I hunt with absolutely SUCK.

ZoidsRaven2635d ago

376h:51m and my HR is 54. It would be higher if it wasn't for those [email protected] Hunter King Coins. 7_7

kesvalk2635d ago

300 hours here, still can't kill alatreon -_-

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Nuclearwinter2636d ago

I need to get back into MH Tri. Played to HR20 on my sisters Wii, then decided to get my own just for MH. I stopped playing after I got back to around the same level.

PygmelionHunter2636d ago

500+ hours with my main character and 40+ hours with a female character i made just to see how their armors differed from the male ones and because i was already overpowered against anything with my guy lol.

lil boy blue2635d ago

I got 200hrs single player (still havent beaten it) and I think 50hrs online. Im Hr 23 currently.