Why Project Cafe is so exciting

With Nintendo’s current console declared lame by many, it’s about time they stepped it up a notch. Through the countless previews I’ve read, I can say that Nintendo is definitely stepping up its game.

First, Nintendo revealed the 3DS, which became the company’s best day-one selling handheld of all time. It comes to no surprise to me though, because Nintendo has always been about innovation. A handheld with no-glasses 3D? Yeah, that’s the future. Now, with Project Cafe, the company seems to be going all out and taking away from all of the best console aspects.

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-MoOkS-2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Well, if they step away from the kiddy games, like mario, pokemon, and all the other gimmics, they might actually become a respected developer again. I doubt they well though; nintendo is all about the money now

EDIT: ahhh, 360 is known as the FPS and RPG console. One little add on that targets females and children is hardly going to change the 360's mainly adult targeted games

Cosmit2640d ago

Hmmm all I have to say to you sir is *KINECT!* ;)

Nugan2640d ago

My god man, what are you talking about?

Because Nintendo was only a respected developer before they produced Mario games? So, what, when they were making trading cards?

And Microsoft isn't "all about the money?"

And Mario and Pokemon are "gimmics" [sic]? Why?

And the 360 is an RPG console?

Are you, by any chance, a visitor from a parallel universe?

HeavenlySnipes2640d ago

I don't see them making new grown up mature titles like KZ, Heavy Rain, Alan Wake etc..

They have been knownfor Zelda, Kirby, Mario etc.. Not really mature themed games and aimed at younger audiences. Lets see if they come out with entirely new IPs.

krazykombatant2640d ago

You grew up Nintendo doesn't. Nintendo has been here just because you no longer fancy games like Mario and Zelda doesn't mean they aren't a good dev. We grew up with this guys and I still play nintendo games and enjoy them more than most of my games on my 360.

HeavenlySnipes2640d ago

But making a new console for HD high res Zelda and Mario games? Maybe COD and BF will actually be quality on their system now but their first party games need to evolve (Pokemon oun) in order for the franchise to move foward. They need to develop a more mature side to their name.

The main reason the Wii sold well is because of the motion control, I personally don't think people flocked to get it because of the games. That's why I'm saying them making a powerful new console won't be smart unless they get good games for it. If the console is expensive, then why get get it if its just Mario and Zelda all over again?

N4g_null2640d ago

Heavenlysnipes you havnt played the new fatal frame, sin and punishment 2, other m, xeno blade, golden eye, Mario 5, Last story, dynamic slash, Mario kart, brawl bros, dkreturns, metroid prime, Zelda tp, excite truck, new punch out, all are nintendo made or backed games.

Then you have pans tower coming, then 3rd games like red steel 2, no more Heros 1 and 2, the samurai showdown collection guilty gear and t vs capcom. Blast works, demon blade, tenchu, monster hunter, ff chron, bman online love that game.

That's a fun list to me.

Then you have like two casuals games wi sport fit and resorts that are even more hardcore than the hd casual games and they sold more.

Why does resort have wave race and pilot wings in it and the other don't?

Alen wake isn't even better than the wii make of res evil 4 and you know it. Bwii is actually a deeper online game than kz but your not hardcore enough to know that. The stuff the online mags pump is more like lamecore.

Blazeblue is the best hardcore game on hd consoles right now every thing else is hype. Your games are not impressive and your not hardcore your a hype cheerleader. Heavy rain isn't even hardcore it's a choose your own adventure how is it challenging? We are talking about games here not mood adjusters or interactive story books or spam feats.

the_best_player2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

MoOkS wants to play some kinectimals, Kinect Joy Ride and then Kinect Adventures. Maybe one day he can play with Milo.

Shok2640d ago

If you people think Mario and Zelda are so kiddy, then you have a lot of growing up to do.

Theyellowflash302639d ago

To tell the truth @MoOkS Pokemon is a game that appeals to many more people than kids. Its actually has more strategy and depth than any first person shooter. If you care to look it up Ivs, Evs, Nature breeding, egg moves, and status effects on Pokemon there is quite a layer that most people like yourself have no clue about.

Now on to Mario. FPS are easy. Mario Galaxy is not. Try to get all the stars in Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. I will assure you, you will fail more times than you can even imagine. Mario just looks kiddy its not a kiddy game

TacoTaru2639d ago

Please please please keep them away from the blight of FPS games. Please no FPS that attract the hoards of "fill in your own derogative" that play those games.
We have enough of those games and platforms for them.

soren2639d ago

um how is mario a gimic? halo sucks btw and gears does 2... and the rpg gams on 360 suck ass and ders like 5 of them... wii has more rpg games then 360 wtf r u talking about? lol... wow u cant count fable a rpg.. thats just crash bandicoot with bad sword combat and master no face still dont have a face... go away

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Cosmit2640d ago

I'm excited to see what direction they will take with Project Cafe.

gameguru2640d ago

hope they release it in early 2012

GameGambits2640d ago

I'm excited for this, but I feel it will undermine the impact of a new Zelda game. I almost wish they'd just make it a launch title for the new system, and update everything they can if possible with the extra time given.

N4g_null2640d ago

Zelda well sell better because it can be played on the snes2 and up scaled. Thus it won't need a new version. The sales of the wii and wii two can then be combined.

As for the comment above as to why does the kiddy games of nintendo need hd? Well you'll see come e3. They never should gave nintendo more power!

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