First screenshots released for Wii Play: Motion

Nintendo Universe writes:

Following on from today’s earlier announcement from Nintendo of Europe in regards to a release date for Wii Play: Motion, the first screenshots for the Wii exclusive title have surfaced.

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Ayer992791d ago

Ahh. I can see the Wii going out on a high note. Wii Play:Motion, Skyward Sword, Kirby, and, if we get lucky, Last Story and Xenoblade.

AWBrawler2791d ago

this one actually looks fun

ChickeyCantor2790d ago

I love the visuals...the edges could cut my veggies....

On a serious note, some of those games don't really need motion plus do they?

pcz2790d ago

''I love the visuals..''

you have bad taste.

the game looks rubbish

ChickeyCantor2790d ago

I was actually bashing it.

Try to read next time.