Top 5 Games That Will Boost Nintendo 3DS Sales (GameBlurb)

GameBlurb writes, "Sales of the Nintendo 3DS have cooled…Nintendo claims its because people don’t know HOW to use the system, but I think the lackluster library is the true reason. Here you go Nintendo: Increased sales – gratis!"

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PattHpapong2495d ago

The 3Ds has been pretty much a fail so far...

AWBrawler2494d ago

chill with the hate it's been one month

Bay2494d ago

Heck, Zelda, Mario and Pokemon can and will EASILY make 3DS sales skyrocket, especially Pokemon.

While I think the 3D part is completely gimmicky and unnecessary, it can still have great games. I for one, would not mind a Pokemon with excellent graphics for once.

AWBrawler2494d ago

Animal crossing will sell boat loads of 3DS systems

Venox20082494d ago

I want new Elite Beat agents 3DS ... and new Rhythm heaven ... and new Castlevania ... and Metal gear acid 1,2 & Peace walker.... and Child of eden ... and Silent Hill .. and fatal frame ... and geist ... and and and and and :D :D :D really :)