PSN Hacks Outshine Royal Wedding, the Yankee's Follow Sony

PCN: "PlayStation Network is down and there isn't much we can do about it. That is unless you have internet and feel like reading about it from every point of view there is. However, this is where we are wrong. There are lot's of things going on right now that would be getting attention any other day of the week."

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TurismoGTR2666d ago

Who cares! Lets get back to gaming people!

metsgaming2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

the yankees just emailed everyones info out, wow. How do you do that ?? People blame Sony for the leak of users info but they were attacked and it was taken. The yankees werent attacked they handed it over, by accident but they handed it over. I doubt people will be as mad at the yankees as they gotten at sony even though they deserve it. They just emailed it, lets hear some senator call the yankees asking questions, this is actually their fault.

HolyOrangeCows2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Man, am I sick of hearing about the wedding.

We have one of the most devastating series of storms in the states in years, and yet this wedding seems to get 10:1 coverage compared to that.

One of the most pointless figureheads in the world is getting married? Woop-de-freaking-doo. Then we can get back to Oprah and Snookie, and bashing our heads against the wall. And then those things will blow over and our media can get back to defending our awful president; What a nightmare these last 11 years have been. And Trump possibly running in Although, I'm surprised to see how many of his ideas I agree with.

ANYWAY, my point is, I'm sick of how our media works. I'm certainly glad that THIS is getting more attention than the royal wedding, though.

Yeah, what would the do with all of that money without a royal family to waste it on? Very important figurehead.

"there were tornado's, that shit happens every year"
Near Record amounts of deaths and destruction in a mere month happens every year? Interest....

iistuii2666d ago

The future king, hardly a pointless figurehead. Still we get to have a day off work for it, won't watch it myself, but I'd rather him than that twat of a president you lot are stuck with.

MysticStrummer2666d ago

@ iistuii - Future pointless figurehead. No joke. No sarcasm.

sobekflakmonkey2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

PSN being down is getting no attention what so ever, in THE REAL WORLD people dont give a fuck about video games or the PSN, I watch the news daily and I have yet to see anything about the PSN, it's all about Hockey, the wedding and the tornado thing, and thats fine with me, I personally think there is a lot more important things in the world than the PSN being down for a week and some info getting stolen.

OH, and the United States and it's problems are not the center of the world, like yeah, there were tornado's, that shit happens every year, some people dont like the president, oh well, historic event (the wedding) thats important, people in the U.S. complain too much...not everyone though..that would be ignorant of me to say.

Blacksand12666d ago

O yeah! Our president wear a suit not a dress you bloody Red Coat and Why every time something happen it's the yankees fault.

cochise3132666d ago

And yet we have another article about something we knew about since last week. Stop with these article; alert us when it's back up.

ANIALATOR1362666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

of course it doesn't, ignorant basta*d

Neko_Mega2666d ago

Next time on N4G, Xbox Live down and it could it be worst then what happen to Sony? Find out on the next boring topic on N4G.

Sorry bored now, going to read your mind.

firetaw2666d ago

What royal wedding? you lie.

i kid, but lets just hope they dont end up like princess diana, they really should give the queen her vacation from being queen. im wondering how shes even able to still be alive today. good job lady. but prince charls wasnt able to be king because he married a catholic? i learned that today.

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