Fruit Ninja confirmed for Kinect

The Korean Game Ratings Board have listed Fruit Ninja Kinect as being due for release, although there’s no word on a release date. The game, which sees players being tasked with chopping fruit like a ninja, is almost undoubtedly an Xbox Live Arcade release.

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Bigpappy1835d ago

I hope they put that under Indy Games where it belongs.

Folezicle1833d ago

I assume it will probably be in XBLA. Although it would be nice to see indie games lift there bar for standards

Brash_Attack1835d ago

I don't care where they put it, I love this game and will buy the shit out of it!

fr00ty-wizenhymer1834d ago

I already saw someone playing this, and they had all the achievements...

munish231834d ago

Yes!! They need more of this stuff for Kinect for like $5 on the marketplace.

newn4gguy1834d ago

Fruit Ninja is so boring though. You cut fruit when it comes up. That's it.

iSlash is a MUCH better game.

Still though...I'm intrigued by this. How well will they program the controls?

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