Sequels should be more like Portal 2

Game sequels are no longer made for the fans of the original. Nowadays, developers craft them to bring in newcomers. This means that you can often expect a significant change between installments. But titles like Dragon Age 2 sometimes revise the gameplay so much that fans of the original no longer enjoy it.

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TheStonedSheep2785d ago

Well Portal 2 was pretty damn good, why wouldn't you want other games to me equally as good.

TheHater2785d ago

Did you read the article? If you did, you completely missed the point.

jony_dols2784d ago

Portal 1 felt a bit like an experiment or a a highly polished tech demo by Valve. Portal didn't really recieve many criticisms, apart from the fact it just wasn't long enough.

Portal 2 was a fully fleshed out game, in which Valve's ideas from the original game where properly constituted into the Portal game we all wanted.

I think Uncharted 2 , is a better example of a game in which the developers examined and improved upon every negative criticism that was thrown at the first in the series, and then upped the ante all-round.

TheHater2785d ago

I agree with 1000000000000000000000%. This generation, the majority of sequels stray-away from the original to have a mass appeal by tacking on MP or adding unwanted features from other games. How quickly do developers and publisher forget that without the original fanbase, their games will be nothing. I have to say, Uncharted 2 and Portal 2 are the only sequels this generation that stayed true to the original fanbase, while at the same time adding new features that felt right and not tacked on.

thugbob2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Well said! I agree with you 100000000000000000000000000000 0%. KZ3 was game that I was anticipating a lot, but disappoint me because the Devs were trying to make their game more accessible as a result they pissed off a lot of KZ2 fans including myself.

Shackdaddy8362785d ago

Well Valve is good at making sequels. They always have been. That's why everyone is begging for HL2 episode 3. If they sucked then it would just be another game...

gorebago2785d ago

I like how they took a format (puzzles solved via chambers) that couldn't normally have a cohesive story and somehow managed to not only make one, but one rich with history, great dialogue and other narrative depth.


the moment wheatley became the villian and glados as a potatoe sack your ally, the game became something wonderful.

only valve could have made the impossible the possible.

dontbhatin2785d ago

totally agree with this article. and this is why so many ppl are excited about uncharted 3. because of how naughty dog improves their games but keeps the main concept the same.

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