Gameplay and Presentation Trailers for Madden NFL 12

Two new trailers for Madden 12 show off gameplay and presentation.

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TheHater2789d ago

Animation and graphic still look weak to be honest.

BigKev452789d ago

Meh to Madden. NFL 2K5 still the best.

Armyntt2789d ago

Everyone says that but as much as i loved the 2K series its not necessarily better.

GiggMan2788d ago

@Armyntt, you're right.

It's just the "cool" thing to say you don't like Madden.

Armyntt2789d ago

Bring it on Madden. Im a huge american football fan. If all it is a roster update im ok with it. Id rather not pay $60 for a roster but its Madden. Its just something I do every August. Favorite game series to me all-time. Ive logged more hours into Madden than any other game hands down.

wheatarnold2789d ago

I wont be picking up this year Madden l, may be next year.

NoobJobz2788d ago

Why are the player animations so awkward still? It's madden 12 an it still looks weird. Catches, running, throwing, tackling all look like crap.

gnothe12788d ago

i like how they show off things thats SUPPOSED to be in the game as new features....side line catches an ball physics?...come on EA...this might be the first one I dont rush right out an buy..FUCK EA.......madden 11 sucked grandma could score points in that game as much as they hold your hand...

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