Man against machine in the latest Binary Domain Screenshots

Sega have released five new screenshots for their up and coming title 'Binary Domain'. It would appear the war between man and machine (cyborgs too by the looks!) is all set to begin. Bit of a terminator vibe going on.

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Sam Fisher2667d ago

i guess the new trend for devs are to put in facial damage.... yay

SilverSlug2667d ago

At first I was .... and now i'm :D

Never doubt Nagoshi.

Kick The Ass2667d ago

I actually thought that was the G-Man in the above picture.
He kind of resembles him.

On another topic, I really hope that there will be some dynamic facial damage in this game, would be devastatingly awesome to peel that skin of those androids!

humbleopinion2667d ago

I'm a friend of Sarah Connor

InLaLaLand2667d ago

The facial animation is similar to Yakuza but they are pretty good in the cutscenes.

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