10.0 SteelSeries Gunnar Scope Pro Gaming Glasses Review

Most people that play video games normally fall into one of two categories: Hardcore, or Casual. Casual gamers are the ones who own a Wii, play socially, and don’t really enjoy the competitive nature of certain gaming genres like First-Person Shooters, Fighting Games, etc. This crowd is not SteelSeries’ target audience for their Scope digital performance eyewear. Join GATT's Matt W, as he reviews these glasses

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zpliskin2665d ago

I hope this is nominated for dumbest article of the year at the N4G Awards 2011.

tdrules2665d ago

it's only a dumb article if it hits 1000 degrees, everyone knows that

ThatEnglishDude2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

LMFAO comparing games of Black Ops with and without the glasses. How stupid. Because one may have did better on one game compared to the other - is no representation of the quality of a pair of fancy looking glasses.

I played Black Ops once, and I won the round. The next time I played it, I came third. It's science guys!