New Need for Speed: The Run

We have got information about new game from EA - Need for Speed: The Run. Game is comming on 18 november 2011.

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Ninver2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Aww get f#CKED. Like we having gotten enough N4S games this gen. Only N4S game fans want is Underground 3. Make it happen or get lost. I'm sick of devs messing with our beloved franchises.

byeGollum2421d ago

another Need for Speed already?

haha lol.. Mooooo Moooooooooo

SolidStoner2421d ago

LOL, I cant keep up with them... they are invading our planet!

DeadlyFire2421d ago

Its called milking a franchise. Happens all the time. EA seems to get carried away with it sometimes.

Kingdom Come2421d ago

I'm thirsty, has anyone got any Milk?

souljah2421d ago

Same shit, different names. Until underground 3 will come out,IF it will come out, this is my personal opinion about nfs fgranchise. peaaaace

morkendo232421d ago

hey guys the vid, it look like mixture of underground,highstakes,mostwan ted there u r.

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The story is too old to be commented.