PlayStation Users Sticking With Sony Despite PSN Crisis, finds Poll

PlayStation Network will probably be down for several more days as Sony works to rebuild the network and make it much more secure. Despite this major breach and the fact that users' information was stolen, many PS3 owners appear to be surprisingly supportive and loyal. IndustryGamers polled its readers over the last 24 hours, and as of this writing, out of 1,700+ votes, a third of you said you won't be changing your habits while nearly 30% said that you'd simply be sure to use PSN cards instead of credit on Sony's network from now on.

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DaThreats2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Want compensation though
@below, For having my personal information unauthorizingly released, unsecuring our protection.

Ghoul2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

are you a psn plus member ?

seriously guys its time to stop making shit out of nothing,
the hack is serious yes but other then some days without online ..
i dont know i just think people blow this out of proportion

yes true but the internet is a dangerous place and i BET MY ASS that nearly everyone of you guys moaning about this have a detailed facebook profile or similar with the same information spread into the world.

double moral

im not accusing you dathreats just sayin in general

Muerte24942491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

I agree. People act like Sony was doing what Pandora was doing. Pandora was literally leaking your personal information to advertising agencies. You give your credit card information to electric companies/ISP/city/cell phone carriers and that's the risk you take when doing so. Best thing to do is check your credit card statements. Since most online worth any money need your CVC#, I wouldn't be too worried.

Dee_912491d ago

My compensation will be playing online for 2 days straight when its back online

The best compensation for me would be the hackers in jail

Istanbull2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

I am loyal PlayStation fan since 1995, why should that change?

I'm actually glad the PSN is down, PlayStation was always about singleplayer, we must go back to our origins. I hope people will find the true meaning and essence and strenth of the PlayStation brand.

Ofcourse, I love the PSN too, its part of the PlayStation family, but singleplayer above all!

zootang2491d ago

My compensation is all the games that Sony release this year.

Etseix2491d ago

i dont mind the maintenance, i was able to buy some sodas, and food for the online streak i will have when this is finished, might take the tv outisde anc camp or something haha.

blitz06232491d ago

Loyal fans are loyal. Those who demand compensation are just whiners who are finding lame excuses to get freebies.

Viper72491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Dunno about any other compensation, but as a PlayStation plus member I would like to have additional week added to my subscription time.
Haven't really managed to enjoy the full plus benefits PSN being down and all.

But yes I am a bit disappointed to see how Sony let the hackers get my personal data.

However the fact that PSN isn't the first place to leak my personal data and I have already had to change my credit card 2 times in the past this is nothing new.

Luckily it seems that Sony had at least encrypted the credit card details.

Jaces2491d ago

I'm one of those who plan on sticking with PSN cards, not a big deal to me.

I don't get the small majority though that want to completely disown Sony because of this. They complain about their personal info that is already spread across the internet with websites they've signed up with such as Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, N4G, etc...

God, they act like it's the end of the fuc*ing world.

TBM2491d ago

Yea I ain't leaving no time soon they still have plenty of great games yet to be released. Been with them since the release of PS1 and ill just continue on my merry way.

darthv722491d ago

would not just be for the paid plus members if sony were to offer something. MS gave away a game to all members regardless of gold/silver a few years back.

Gaming is an investment so of course people would stay with the ps3 when it comes back up. Just like people stayed with the 360 when it came back up. You cant walk away from something you like when it isnt working.

You just have to be patient for it to be fixed.

R0me2491d ago

Well decision is not too hard. I bet Sony will make new PSN with a good security. And switching to MS or Nintendo is not an option. We have the best exclusive games and thats the main reason to own a console: The games.

ComboBreaker2491d ago

360 User: *Looks at poll*
360 User: "Damn it! I was hoping PS3 gamers would leave PSN and join me on Xbox Live. With no games to play at all, I want someone to talk to, even if its PSN gamers."

Lykon2491d ago

well said ghoul.

what would i change to anyway? the wii and penguin club? LOL get a 360 and pay for live and the two games on that system ...what are they? halo and gears of war....nahhhhh....become an obsessed hard core PC gamer? hmmm i could never be arsed with all the poxy driver updates and messing thanks i'll stick with ps3, just wait a few days and enjoy some SP stuff , watch some bluerays and go out a bit more

catguykyou2490d ago


When did 360 and PS3 only start playing exclusive titles? I must have missed something, cause while I totally enjoy my PS3 exclusives (the good ones at least), I have totally put in way more time on live playing multiplat games and exclusives alike. I can't reason how people only count the exclusives as what is available to play on a console.

Lifendz2490d ago

Of course I am. I think the gaming media is trying to incite a riot over this but if you're reasonable and fair, you gotta realize this wouldn't have happened in the first place if it wasn't for some butt hurt hacker trying to get revenge.

afterMoth2490d ago

I'll be sticking with the PS3. I have had cards stolen, data etc. It really isn't a big deal unless you are stupid and don't keep track of your info or if you are dumb enough to respond to phishing emails.

Bottom line for me is the gives me a better online gameplay experience than the Live. Yes the PSN is down and it sucks, I've had my Live account down as well, not as long but it has gone down more than once.

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ilikestuff2491d ago

im sticking with the ps3. would i like a free game? yes, i love free shit but im not demanding it, i think the probably will give us something for the inconvenience but either way ill keep my ps3

Anon19742491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

My console worked just fine. I 95% of the time I'm only playing single player games and during this downtime on the PSN, games were still updating like they should. Had there not been 100 articles on this in a matter of days I probably wouldn't even have noticed.

For me, this changes nothing. Quite frankly, I'm surprised that anyone would ditch their console because of a brief outage on their free network.

catguykyou2490d ago

PSN is up: " PSN is so much better than live. It's free! I play all my online games there cause that's the best system to do it with. Only think I ever do.

PSN is down: " who cares, I never play online anyways. Real gamers only play single player games. Online is over rated. "


xAlmostPro2491d ago

It wasn't released dude.. theres a CHANCE it was accessed, big difference tbh

Trebius2491d ago

Im sticking to my Ps3 .... cause no other system has games worth buying. Leaving Sony would be like leaving Games.

AdrianHD2490d ago

Yeah, Mario Galaxy and Halo aren't worth it! Troll.

R8342490d ago


When he owns a PS3, why would he choose to leave it to go to another console - that would just cost him money and be stupid.

And besides, PS3 *does* have more exclusive titles this year than 360.

FredEffinChopin2491d ago

It wasn't released, it was stolen. And that's not even a certainty yet. They weren't having a credit-card-number giveaway on some corner...

joydestroy2491d ago

well of course i'm sticking with them. they just have a bad mark against them in my book now. the only time i've ever put a mark against them though.

and compensation??? iunno about all that. maybe if i were a PSN+ user then i might like a free dynamic theme or something like that, or the time lost on my subscription added back.

what more compensation could you want other than that? esp if none of your money was stolen...

Kleptic2490d ago

I don't know about compensation either...its tricky...

People get stressed real quick when it comes to money...that is obvious...So i can't say that Sony doesn't 'owe' people that are worried about their personal info...and all the time it takes to cancel cards, deal with the complete BS sign-ups and all the associated spam of credit checking (even though its free, you will still have to be willing to get an unstoppable wave of shit from those bureaus)...

but to what degree?...PSN plus users should DEFINITELY at the very least get the time the PSN was down added back to their accounts...that is a given, but for some reason I highly doubt that will happen...non psn users I doubt will get anything, but a free dynamic theme or movie rental or anything would be appreciated...

gamers are very quick to forget...possibly more than any other community...but when a company is on the burner...they are really on it...MS did a great job of expanding warranties and things like that when the fecked up...I hope Sony does the same, and it will be quieter a lot faster...

SIX2491d ago

Funny thing is that I feel even more compelled to stick by them and see them through this terrible time. If Sony goes away it would be a huge blow to gaming as a whole.

supremacy2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Same here.

And i will like to thank all the loyal PlayStation owners here and in the rest of the world for sticking with Sony. I am sure that means a lot to them.

For the past years it seems that everytime something goes wrong Sony gets targetted like a blacksheep.

Yes there will be law suits, no Sony wont lose millions let alone billions through all of this. Like mr patcher said the number is pretty small.

No this aint the RROD. This is slightly different and wont last until a new sleek console is introduce either.

Yes there will be more games coming past this year, games like agent and versus 13 are still under work for next year.

And just like Sony has invested heavily in its gaming division to assure a flood of ips keep coming. You can bet they will now invest heavily in their network as well.

Sony is still fairly new at this whole network strategy, and is something that they will start getting better at as the years go by.

Ofcourse one has the right to feel disturbe and upset about all this. But at the same time one also have to try and be a bit more understanding and know things will eventually get fixed.

I have been a PlayStation guy since 95 and will remain this way forever. Times like these is when i tend to support them more, when others dont.

Sony is like Sparta and its loyal gamers are like spartans, hard to keep down.

theaceh2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

I'll stick with PlayStation and Sony. They have done sooo much for the gaming industry over the years that it is just not fair to ditch them because of a glitch/vulnerability in their network.

People have to realize that this is the world we live in and there is no turning back. During the days of my ancestors they had to deal with gun point bank robberies, Today and in the future we will have to face online information theft/breaches/hackers. Every generation has it's challenges, and this is the world we have inherited, so the best thing we could all do is learn, adapt and keep it moving.

Hanif-8762491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

I mean you must be retarded to switch consoles just because you were unable to play for a week. Although for security reasons; you could simply remove your credit card information from your account if possible (Not sure if there's access). However, i'm certain Sony will bounce back from this little hiccup sooner than later.


Kleptic2490d ago

People have warned users about this for years...use PSN cards...that is simply the best way to do it, and always will be...and its not even inconvenient, or at least in the US...I live pretty much in the middle of no where and I can get $10, $25, or $50 PSN cards at a 24 hour gas station 3 blocks from my house...

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donniebaseball2491d ago

Definitely surprised by these results. Given all the outrage you'd think more people would say they're ditching PS3. I guess it's a vocal minority getting attention.

NovusTerminus2491d ago

It is. everytime a network gets hacked this happens. All the news you can find is the negative press.

Yeah they got hacked. But ya know... It happens, whatever service you go to might get hacked and sometimes they get broken into, others never do.

SnakeMustDie2491d ago

It's kind of similar like how many gamers said that they won't buy the next CoD game but rush out and buys a copy every next iteration of the franchise.

Focker4202491d ago

Not really... No one is saying that they will stop using the PSN. Gamers aren't making claims like "I'm never using PSN ever again because it went down for a week or two". Its not the same at all.

Sono4212491d ago

Focker just ignore him, hes just a troll they arn't worth replies just click disagree and take away their bubbles

Ghoul2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

what outrage ?

by some people on this nerdy internet portals like n4g (looks at myself)?

we really should stop thinking that n4g or similiar portals reflect the opinion of the gaming community in general

same with cod those few complaining about cod .. pffff.. come one 99% of the cod gamers dont camp on these sites and moan about everything

NatureOfLogic2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

I agree, Just because most people on N4G say they're sticking with sony doesn't mean everyone ese is sticking with sony( me, Im done).

cochise3132491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Your loss

Sono4212491d ago

KinElixir that was some stealthy ass trolling

smoothdude2491d ago

If I had the money I wouldn't mind picking up an Xbox 360, as I would love to play the Gears of War series. However, I don't have the money to do so, so I'll stick with Sony. However, now that PSN is down I decided to do more activities outside instead of playing single player games. It is a nice change.

BTW, I am not worried about my credit card information being taken. I have it on hold so no one can use it unless you call in first.

Kleptic2490d ago

I too wish I was better at 'gaming'...

My PS3 Ylod almost exactly a year ago...and I was like 'what do i do now?"...I don't watch TV, or really care about it...and I do watch a lot of movies, but use the PS3 for that...

Its not like I always stay inside or anything...but I definitely have a sort of all or nothing approach to video games...I went nearly 6 months straight last year before I finally got around to getting it replaced...and really didn't miss the PS3 at all (actually missed Blu Ray more than anything)...end spent 90% of my free time outside...

but then I get the thing back and can't stop playing, putting hundreds of hours in GT5 through the winter...the PSN goes down...haven't turned the PS3 on in a week...and don't really miss it...I need to figure this out haha...

FredEffinChopin2491d ago

The outrage is mostly sensationalist news sites, Sony haters, and people who are working on rumors rather than actual info. Also people who have little-to-no knowledge about internet security and how far from being an isolated incident this is. If this happened on XBL people wouldn't switch either, as they shouldn't. Most rationally-thinking individuals realize that hackers break in anywhere they want when determined, this has happened before and will continue to happen for a long time. If anything, having being rebuilt from the ground-up with security as a focus, PSN will probably be one of the safest online services as far as protection of user data goes.

guigsy2491d ago

Given that the results are based on approximately 2,000 of the 50 million PS3 owners out there, I wouldn't say that the poll paints an accurate picture. Even if it did, 12% said they would move to other platforms, which is pretty high given the situation.

Ghoul2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

clicking an answer on one side
and doing so for real

sorry not even 1% of the 12% who said they will switch wont do so for real,

why i know so ?
Studies, market research, life experience

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Dart892491d ago

I grew up with Sony and i don't think i'm gonna leave them just cuz someone hacked the servers.Fyi nothing is unhackable.

negative2491d ago

You're all just sticking with them because if you sell then you're out of a blu-ray player rofl

house2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

geez because you know him so well?

look maybe he has his reasons like i have my own to stick with Sony all these years maybe games? first party studios? exclusives and maybe yes hardware

kane_13712491d ago

and the only reason you have 1 bubble is that you troll much.

khamvongsa092491d ago

Yes.. Thats the only reason why I have my PS3. The fact that it has exclusives that I like and the fact that I like the controller for the PS3 are not really reasons at all...


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