KINECTaku: Next Generation Kinect to be Aimed at Core Gamers, says Analyst

Microsoft has had considerable success chasing the casual gamers with Kinect, but what might the future bring for the next iteration of the sensor? Something totally different, according to one analyst.

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LOGICWINS2785d ago

Meh..who cares? There are TONS of core games coming out on the PS3,360, and PC this year. I think playing those games would be more fun than whining about Kinect's lack of core games on an Internet forum.

malamdra2785d ago

but Microsoft said that this generation was aimed at core audiences as well as casual

was that a lie? (/sarcasm, of course it was)

darthv722785d ago

they only make predictions based on their opinions. If anything the next generation of kinect "games" will be aimed at the core. Not so much a next gen kinect.

The current kinect camera is a very good system. We can see what creative minds can do with it on a diverse platform like the PC. The 360 is what is holding back the potential of the unit. Not the games or the developers.

The next xbox will likely have kinect support built in and will be a platform that core developers are wanting (as well as core gamers). MS said first and foremost that there will be core games made for kinect. Does that mean only on xbox 360???

the amount of core support is growing but the real display of affection will likely happen when the next xbox arrives.

FredEffinChopin2785d ago

If he bought one under the impression it would be supported, I think he has a right to bitch about it not having games. MS has no problem bragging about the number of units it sold, so there is nothing wrong with an expectant consumer who gave them something to brag about looking for justification for his purchase.

Peppino72785d ago

You need buttons or else it's pointless.

DeadlyFire2785d ago

I dont give a crap. They can keep Kinect. I like my button mashing!

Troll_Police2785d ago

Halo and Gears Kinect confirmed.

TheBrit2785d ago

I don't want to hear about the next kinect, I just got this one a few months ago - a lot more support for this one would be nice. Right now it's like my Wii, sitting there with a light on it.

VampiricDragon_2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

sure it will...............

theres no frickin games for it now aside from casual horse crap.

And nintendo is going pure hardcore again next gen. Its going to leave casual gimmicks like this in the dust

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The story is too old to be commented.