Bionic Commando debut trailer

Capcom finally releases the debut trailer of Bionic Commando, the upcoming classic action title rearmed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Making an amazing leap and swinging into the next generation of gaming, Bionic Commando combines the genius of the bionic arm mechanic with the power of next generation hardware.

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gamesR4fun4075d ago

looks promising 3d big levels bionic arm graphics look a little rough still but lots of time to polish them. If they nail the play mechanics they might have a winner.

hazeblaze4075d ago

Doesn't look so promising to me. It doesn't appear to have any of the 'magic' that made the original game so appealing. The translation to 3D comes off looking a lot more stale. As many have said, looks like Spiderman with guns. Plus I didn't like how freakin huge his bionic arm was; it looked off. Still, I'll give it a chance.

Violater4075d ago

Why didn't spiderman look that good?

ATLRoAcH4075d ago

I thought is that Spiderman with a Gat.Also with what loopy said,whats the deal with double post news Moron (not name callin' thats what he calls himself) and whats up with people approving duplicates.

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PS360WII4075d ago

I can see why some would say Spiderman, but this was a classic nes game and when you have a man with a bionic arm to swing around in a 3d world it'll be darn near impossible not to look somewhat like he's swinging around like Spiderman.

Oh by the way stoked about this game!

HeartlesskizZ4075d ago

Spider meet Iron man? wierd game but I want to try it see how it is =)

TheHater4075d ago

that what i was thinking. LOL

fenderputty4075d ago

Hopefully the game will be done better then Spiderman though.

games4fun4075d ago

since when did spider man start using a sniper rifle. If he does i have more respect for spiderman then and his next movie he should kill his enemies that way saves time.

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The story is too old to be commented.