The Value of Replayable Games

From Toasty Controller...

"Wait a minute, I can't find a game to play. When I do, it's nothing fairly recent that you would expect. As most of you know, I recently played and reviewed Crysis 2, loved the campaign and did not care for the multiplayer. Not to say the multiplayer was bad, but it felt too generic. It had little uniqueness to it, which didn't keep me playing online nearly as long as any other games.

So that brings my question of what brings the replayability that is worth all sixty of your hard-earned dollars. Is it a good multiplayer? A good RPG? A mixture of both? Damn it, it's my list and I want it now!"

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2706d ago
electricshadow2706d ago

I've beaten GTA IV seven times. I absolutely love that game. I find the story one of the best I've ever seen. I'll never forget playing that game for 10 hours straight after buying it on launch day. It's one game I will never ever get rid of.

creamsoda2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Agreed GTA IV is awesome especially on PC since you get so much more out of it with modding etc. I don't see myself getting bored of it.

InLaLaLand2706d ago

I enjoyed GTA IV than RDR. I completed GTA IV 3 times, best mission is Three Leaf Clover. I loved K109 and the Vibe along with Fusion FM and IF 99.

Yakuza 3 gave me a lot of replay value for a single player game. I loved the underground coliseum. There was 101 substories to do (123 in the Japanese version), I loved the hitmen missions, Komaki parry on them fucks!

coryok2706d ago

before i even opened up the article i was thinking borderlands lol

ionlyneedonebubble2706d ago

GTAIV is ok but since were talking "replayable" I would say Read Dead Redemption is way more replayable.

SolidStoner2706d ago

games like "Fallout: new vegas" are worth play over and over again, and every time your story will eventually be different!

Syaz12706d ago

the game could've been goty if it wasn't for the launch bugs issues. i enjoyed it a lot myself, and even more so after the bugs were fixed in the 2nd patch.