Driver: San Francisco - Shift Story Trailer

Get a sneak peek at the twists and turns of Driver: San Francisco's plot in this story trailer.

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young juice2791d ago

awww man, bringing back mem oh rees baybeh.

*flashback to 8 years old* put in cheat code to drive upside down(or under the road. forgot which)

i feel so old

Epicor2791d ago

Don't worry "old juice", I did that when I was 15.

About this game: The trailer is cool and cinematic and all but it only shows basically one sequence and very little gameplay. I don't get my hopes up on this one. It's hard to imagine that this one could compete with all the big boys on the market. I hope Ubi proves me wrong.

AWBrawler2790d ago

I remember playing the old ones back in the day. they were pretty fun