PSN Hack Is 'Like Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death'

NowGamer: Analyst says PS3 gamers are 'likely to forgive'. Jesse Divinich has likened the recent PSN hack to the Xbox 360's red ring of death situation a few years ago and has suggested that it proves gamers are a forgiving bunch...

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mandf2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Except I can actually play my system without sending it in. I'm not trolling. I'm on my 5th ps3. Both situations suck.

Edit I play about 60-80 hours every week. Too much strain on the system. I bet I have played more games on the ps3 than those phantom disagreers combined. I don't hold it against Sony though. Things break with that much wear and tear.

Dart892785d ago

You must have it in a bad spot cuz i'm still on my 60gb launch ps3.

blk9112785d ago

Im also on my launch 60gb PS3

mandf2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I had 3 60gb die. I bought another 60gb then a slim. I love the playstation brand. Electronics die. It will happen to every electronic sooner or later. It doesn't make it a bad product. The funny thing is I still have my launch 360 but it doesn't get played anymore since Alan Wake. Gears of Lag made me really put it away.

Edit I love how people disagree without backing up there disagree. Nothing in my statement is false.

Brewski0072785d ago

On my 2nd ps3, but have had this one 3 years and its a refurb. Its all good, hoping to never have a problem with it.
I think if u play a console 60-80 hours a week, your probably playing it over long intervals and therefore not giving it a chance to cool down. You also need to make sure its well ventilated or your just asking for trouble.

LOGICWINS2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

@mandf- 60-80 hours a WEEK? Jesus, no wonder your PS3 crapped out.

And about ur disagrees, well, this is N4G. Most people here know their full of crap and will simply disagree and run.

Heck, ive seen people get disagreed with for simply asking a question.

Boody-Bandit2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

My original PS3 fatty never once hiccuped on me.

Besides, comparing RROD to PSN being hacked is utter and complete garbage. Sony was attacked. Any company or entity that has an internet source can be attacked and MANY have been. The bottom line is they were the victims of an attack for taking a pirate to court.

MS sold hardware that they "knew" before it launched was going to have issues and then compounded the problem by lying about it until a tech company went public with the issues surrounding their hardware. MS then went on to issue a very limited warranty that only covered one issue and one issue only, RROD. RROD was not the only problem with the 360 hardware for the first couple revisions after launch.

If anything MS got off extremely easy and Sony, the victim, is being made out to be the cause of the problem with PSN having to be taken offline.

I knew the media trolling for hits is never going to let this rest. We will be hearing about this hack on PSN until the end of the gaming industry.

Give it a rest and start talking about actual gaming news instead of fanning flames and spewing nonsense to get hits to your sites.

cam20302785d ago

yeah i still have my fatty 40gig

SnotyTheRocket2785d ago

Yeah, I had a 60gb for five years, then ole' reliable died in me...... Kept the HDD though. Lol.

Viper72785d ago

I'm on my second. My 60gb didn't really die tough it works pretty well even now. But the laser broke and the system doesn't read discs that well anymore.(lasted for nearly 4 years tough)

Playing on Slim now and its nice and quiet.

Sony should really improve the durability of their disc drive lasers tough. It always seems to be the first thing to break in all Sony devices that use disc.

darthv722785d ago

the RROD had affected what was a (questionable) percentage of 360 users. Something MS claimed to be 33% but it could be higher or lower depending on who you ask.

The PSN outage is currently affecting 100% of users in Europe and NA. I believe Japan is still working. So from that perspective, the PSN outage is worse than RROD but they are two different situations so why anyone would try and compare the two is ???????.

Thing is, one does not equate the other so there should not be any comparison. both situations suck but both situations will be taken care of sooner or later and we can all be back online fragging each other like civilized gamers.

somerandomdude2785d ago

What a funny article. Melodramatic much?

Muerte24942785d ago

Sorry bro, I was with all until the part where you said both were bad situations. Microsoft didn't cover RROD under warranty until late 2006. Meanwhile if your console died before then, all you could do was trade it in towards the purchase of a new one. My own 360 died after only 8 months and I had to do the exact thing. While the PSN attack is horrible, hacking is always considered unpreventable. RRODs on the other hand could have been prevented had Microsoft not tried and be the first to market. People won't have to buy new ps3's to access PSN when it goes live. You can't blame Sony for what hackers did. You can however blame Microsoft for not performing extensive test before releasing it's system.

darthv722785d ago

sorry about your loss when the 360 first came out. I too fell victim to the RROD. Mine was a december 05 system and it happened in 07 when MS passed the free admission to the 3 ring circus. But you did get the gist of one not needing to be equated to the other.

Lets hope we dont have to buy new ps3's and all it will take is a fw update. Mine is an 80gb with bc and would hate for it to brick because of new security measures that work for the slims and up.

Not saying they would purposely withhold fw support for older units but they were built differently then and maybe there is something in their programming that an update could disable like they did to the whole other OS feature.

I dont know if the newer units are easier to keep secure or if the ps3 as a whole is equally succeptable but you can be sure there will be something we will have to do on our ends to be able to sign back on their newer more secure network.

matarchy2785d ago

I do blame Sony for there lack of security. They were attacked a month earlier and did not beef up their security. Sites are attacked all the time, but hardly ever to this extreme. It sounds like they were over confident in their security and are paying the price for it now. I can also see how this is like the RROD because it might cost them just as much as it cost Microsoft to clean up this mess.

AngryTypingGuy2785d ago

Believe it or not, I have an original 360 that I've played the hell out of and had since January 2005! Sure, I've had to send it in twice...once for a faulty disc drive and once for a bad graphics card...but I never had the famous RROD! My 360 actually stays surprisingly cool compared to others I've seen.

Persistantthug2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

or you're clearly doing something wrong.

@AngryTypingGuy, right above me

Clearly you are lying and/or misrepresenting.

Jan, 2005.......yeah.

AngryTypingGuy2785d ago

@Persistanthug - Oops, I was off by a year. I meant to say I got it in January 2006. Anyway, my point is that I have a 360 that hasn't RROD'd that was made only a short time after the console launched.

Lykon2785d ago

had my fat ps3 for 4 years no problems at all plus it's in a vertical stand which is supposed to be bad apparently.

RROD is like your console bricks every 3 months...psn hack is like a security issue with a period of online downtime...they are two very different things. i've been enjoying portal 2 SP.

JohnnyBadfinger2785d ago

I dunno what people are talking about with 360 RROD. I still got my launch pro 20gb 360... its loud proud and gets atleast 4hrs a week.

And you cant compare a hardware failure with a security failure which probably has nothing to do with the PS3 console it self. The PS3s security wasnt hacked, the PSN network was.... completely different

RedDead2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Everyone I knew with a 60GB broke by now, everyone. I waited and got the 65nm chipset(80GB non BC version), much more reliable I think(and hope). I've had 4 360's now(all replaced for free of course)

strifeblade2784d ago


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ChronoJoe2785d ago

LOL dude, I've left 3 PS3s on almost constantly for 2 years. The system isn't 'strained' by leaving them on unless cooling isn't being sustained.

You just seem unlucky.

frostypants2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )


First advice I give anyone who just bought a console: put it in the open. If you buy a TV stand, make sure it's the kind where the shelves are open-air on all sides (those pretty enclosed wooden ones with doors are a death sentence for any high-heat device), and don't put devices closer than several inches to each other.

All of your media components will last a lot longer that way. My PS3 and 360 are on the same shelf, but are a good 18 inches from each other, and my receiver has a shelf all to itself.

rwarner1742785d ago

Actually, leaving the system on is the best thing you can do. Most system brick to do broken solder connections from repeated heating and cooling. Leaving your system on indefinably would probably lengthen the life of your console. Though you will probably pay more in electricity over the years so its probably a wash.

jbiz3202785d ago

60-80 hours a week? jesus go out and get some puss man.. that shit aint healthy.

xX-PEIN-Xx2785d ago

best comment on here +bubs

SixZeroFour2785d ago

prolly just an exaggeration and just pulled big numbers out of his ass without actually calculating how much gaming time that actually is

mandf2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I'm married and retired. I don't exaggerate how much I play. When psn is up check my games played on my trophy list. I have played around 400 games on the ps3. Psn id mandf. Some of us on this site actually play games and have money to play.

Edit I have a little over 3000 trophies and close to 250 games with trophies support. I refuse to get get trophies on games that I don't find fun. I game on ps3 pc and the wii. I'm a hardcore gamer and some of your are fronting on a website like you are hardcore. I don't watch tv and have no kids at 35. Video games are my life. It is what I find to be enjoyable. Once I got out of prison I found my hobby instead of drugs. You can all judge me but at least I'm a real gamer on a website about games. Most of you are call yourself gamers but then in the same breath you put down the hardcore gamer who actually supports game developers. I laugh at most you who judge games and people you have never met or played. People are so closed minded today. I sleep 5 to 6 hrs a day which leaves me 18 hrs to be with my wife and my first love video games. Haters go look in the mirror and say who you are openly and honestly.

The_Ultimate_Guy2785d ago

"I'm married and retired."
" I don't watch tv and have no kids at 35."
"Once I got out of prison I found my hobby instead of drugs."

So...You are retired at the ripe ol' age of 35, managed find a girl that likes criminals, get her to marry you, stay with you even though all you do is game and make no money from that career you had while you jail i guess and have money to buy a PS3 and over 250 games?

Sorry but I am going to throw the BS flag on that play.

SixZeroFour2785d ago

i said exaggeration cause generally it could have been...i mean, i game a good 4-6 hours a day and i thought that was a lot, but 60-80 hours a week is roughly 8.6-11.4 hours a day and TO ME, that was just unlikely...but youre right, i dont really know who you are or what you do, i was just speaking from a realistic perspective

i mean, 11.4 hours? thats close to half a day...i see you say you are retired, but still, thats doesnt take away from the fact that it is close to half a day, even the lesser portion is a quarter of the day, which is still a lot...and having the money to actually buy games isnt the issue here

gunnerforlife2785d ago


WOW niceee judging a person that you know nothing about, very smart of you LOL
howd u know that him retiring doesn't have something to do with him being in prison and can no longer find a job because of hes record??? not everything is straight and simple in life you know.

artynerd2784d ago


Okay, I love your passion for games, but I have one big question for you:

How the heck were you able to retire at the young age of 35 AFTER you'd already spent time in prison? How did prison affect your career?

Sorry, I just find this a little odd. The VAST majority (think 99.999%) of people who work towards retiring that early simply can't, let alone throwing prison time (and whatever caused you to end up there) into the equation.

Not saying you're lying, just curious because this is a very unique story.

2Spock2784d ago


Trophies mean nothing.

I have a friend that is level 23 and has over 4,000 trophies and 58 platinums. And he only plays half as much as you.

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fedexas2785d ago

mandf: My fattie died this year. I had it for four/five years so I know how you feel. I have a slim now. :)

frostypants2785d ago

My 60GB launch will NEVER die. My sheer force of will won't let that happen. Or so I hope.

MRMagoo1232785d ago

If you give it a cuddles before you go to bed every night and maybe read it a story every now and again it wont ever die.

DarkFantasy2785d ago

sounds like you need to get a life and spend less time on the ps3 and more time enjoying life...get out and do some thing brah,it's never to late..i love my ps3 just as much as you but i love my life more.

evrfighter2785d ago

sounds to me like he is enjoying life. who are you to say he isnt? I used to put in that many hours of gaming some years ago. I enjoyed all of it. good times

DarkFantasy2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

so you are saying locking your self inside playing video games 24/7 is enjoying and living a i love video games but that's just putting your self in a cage,if he truly enjoyed life he wouldn't be playing video games 80 hours a week that's just not healthy i have been there my self,and i know this guy must be living a hard life but he needs to get out and enjoy the real world experience life to it's fullest before it's all gone,i look back on my childhood and all i can remember is games and being on my computer,I am so sorry i missed out on life and i am trying to make up for it now and i think I'm doing a hell of a job..once you hide your self away from the world it's hard to rejoin the world and human society you got to get out there and keep going and try your hardest because you never know when its going to end,i love my video games so much i can't even enplane to you how much i love them there an excape i can do things i only dreamed of doing..i can be a epic hero,i can fight in ww2,i can slay demons & beasts and rescues the princess,i can be a unstoppable assassin..but being your self and living your life is so much more precious there are even more things we can do in real life that a video game just can't give us don't you want to have a adventure in real life,we are free men and women why lock you self in a cage in front of a TV all your life the world is much more bigger then our living rooms..just some thing to think about.

cochise3132785d ago

You should probably slow down on your gaming. You really have that much free time?

Somnipotent2785d ago

i'm on my 3rd PS3 (power supply, and two diode issues)... i have 2 PS3s though so i wasn't out of commission at any time. to equate the PSN outage to RRoDs though is complete bs. Stupid troll articles.

duplissi2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

ill be absolutely honest with you, that is an obscene amount of time spent playing games. the only reasonable explaination is that your career is video game related.

no offense intended, im just shocked. O.O

edit: oh and my 60gb is going strong since march 07.

Captain Qwark 92785d ago

60-80HRS A WEEK?????

xAlmostPro2785d ago

The hack is nothing like the RROD lol..

At one point 360's had more than a 50% failure rate(im not gonna try and state the specific number incase i get it wrong).

The PSN hack.. 1 ps3 user has claimed of his card being used since the hack.. huge difference

Sony3602785d ago

Actually the only difference is that one of the two is old news.

cemelc2784d ago

"Actually the only difference is that one of the two is old news."

Yeah cos having a working machine(PS3) is the same as having a broken one(Xbox). One is software based, the other is hardware based.

RROD is 10x wrose than the psn outage, at least i can play any single player game. Show a RROD 360 that can play any kind of game.

kramun2785d ago

You have no life. Well, you and ChronoJoe and the other people who play on his ps3s.

Get some fresh air.


No, it is not.

RROD it is because of the SAME Company have this rushed system, not because some Hackers started the RROD.

PSN Hack was because of the Hackers, not because of the Company have a rushed or faulty system.

humbleopinion2785d ago

They rushed faulty security system and had total disregard to customer information stored on their servers. And then held information from the customer for a period of over a week.

Sony and MS both did wrong to customers, and hopefully both will learn from their mistakes next time around. MS with a less faulty console and Sony with a more secured service.

Redgehammer2785d ago

Thats the way I feel about my 360. My 360 is on from the time I wake up, until I go to bed.


ian722785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I'm on my fourth PS3. 1 blu-ray failure and 2 YLOD's. Just been unlucky I guess, as I keep them clean and in open space to keep cool. I do have a lot of games (86 on disc) and use my PS3 a lot though.
Sony have been good to me though as I only paid for first refurb, the next 2 were free, even though out of warranty.
This gen has been poor for reliability on both 360 and PS3. Does seem to be getting better though with the new slim versions of both consoles. Things do break, nothing lasts forever.

Peppino72785d ago

4 years and I bought a slim. 60gb still works. On topic... this doesn't hurt the customers financially unless they're out of contract. Assuming no on is effected by cc fraud.

cloak3652785d ago

Im on my 60GB as well however its starting to crap out freezing when i quit games or what. Im waiting till around June to replace it with a slim hopefully they announce a price drop around E3.

pain777pas2785d ago

My 60 gig works fine. You should actually turn the system off completely when you're not using the machine to preserve it. Honestly, the thing is whisper quiet ever time I use it. Dust regularly and keep it away from heat. Thing is still kicking and looks brand new to boot.

pain777pas2785d ago

This is far from analagous to the Red ring of death. You had to ship your console and it would take weeks for it to be returned and then you'd turn around and send it back again. I mean it was a hassle and no console if you only had one at the time. It sucked massively. This is momentary and I can still play PS3, PS2 and PS1 games off line and collect trophies. This is not really that big of a deal as everyone is making it out to be. PS plus members could outcry though but they have got so much free stuff that they already got more than their money's worth. As long as this is much more difficult for these hackers to repeat then let them take the time to do this right.

Anon19742785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

The two situations are nothing alike.

I've been playing my PS3 just fine. I play single player games roughly 90% of the time. Had there not been such a commotion about this I probably wouldn't have even known anything was amiss.

Contrast that to RROD. I'm currently on my 4th 360 and I hardly ever touch the thing and have played one game on it this past year, Halo Reach. The reason is simply - I don't trust it. That changes your gaming habits in a hurry when you've been without your console of choice for almost 4 months in total.

In one case I can't game online but otherwise the functionality isn't affect. In the other case the system is simply missing for months and unreliable the rest of the time.

Can anyone explain to me how this is even remotely similar?

I do however agree with him that this will ultimately have no long term effects. Have people stopped using Google, Amazon, Ebay, XBL, etc..etc.. because of their previous security breaches? I'd probably say 80% of PS3 owners are probably oblivious to the fact that anything's wrong at all, other then there seems to be a lot of maintenance lately. The rest of the population probably isn't even paying attention.

PS3n3602785d ago

Still on my first 80 gb. And I dropped it unpacking it. the top of the clamshell busted off but it still works like a charm. Incredible if you ask me. Not too many electronics you can throw on the ground (accidently) and still have it work perfect.

Sheikh Yerbouti2785d ago

When they first were release I heard if you dropped a Nextel, the reception actually would improve for push-to-talk.

Sheikh Yerbouti2785d ago

I'm on my second.

I took my first PS3 around to a friend's house a few times, so it likely got banged up on the ride over. I don't take my current PS3 anywhere.

Sheikh Yerbouti2785d ago


It is a fact that sitting on your rear that long increases your chance for heart disease, regardless of physical exercise. You should only play four hours a day max, and not all in one sitting.

kikizoo2785d ago

"PSN Hack Is 'Like Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death"

....NOT !

it's clearly not the same thing, faulty hardware, 3 weeks without console against a external intrusion who just kill the online part, it's like comparing a tsunami and rain.

artynerd2784d ago

Except the hardware failure didn't jeopardize over 70 million people's identities.

Yeah, comparing possible identity theft with a broken toy is definitely comparing a tsunami with rain.

But then again, you're probably 12 and your parents are the ones with the credit card info on your PS3.

ChickeyCantor2784d ago

" 60-80 hours every week."

LMAO...I can't even make that many hours on a project in a week.

X-DominusRebellis-X2784d ago

@ Artynerd,

It's simple. He's not retired in the sense that he has a lot of money saved up or he has worked his whole life. Given he had prison time, he's definitely limited for a job so instead of being a productive member of society, he is PROBABLY a mere piece of shit collecting your taxes through welfare and "livin the life". Of course, I could be wrong, but that is the general assumption for most people of someone who is 35 and so called "retired" ahem on welfare oh yeah and who is also an ex-convict.

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DrFUD2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

The PSN hack was a criminal event not performed by Sony.
The RROD should have been a criminal event because Microsoft knowingly sold faulty hardware.

Sony and its users are both the victims in the PSN case.
Microsoft's customers were the only victims in the case of the RROD.

Bad comparison.

wwm0nkey2785d ago

RROD = Bad rep for MS

PSN hack which MAY have resulted in the info of millions stolen = bad rep.

No matter how you look at it Sony is still getting a bad rep for this.

DrFUD2785d ago

I don't see it that way.
I understand the media is whoring themselves as usual with biased news that's all gloom and doom for Sony.
What's new.
But I don't have any negative feelings over this event other than for the criminal(s) that did this.

If anything all this company bashing is giving the media a bad rep because the media has messed up priorities.
Do you blame the bank when it's robbed?