PSN breach will hurt the entire gaming industry

Sony’s public relations nightmare is about to become the industries black eye.

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disturbing_flame2791d ago

Examiner or the new trash can of gaming.


Lindsey2791d ago

Really? Your blind if you don't think consumer confidence doesn't mean anything within the industry.

disturbing_flame2791d ago

I loled.
What a professionalism, journalist that writes like they left school at 12. Embarassing.

Anyway, i am talking about the form of the article, the shitty picture, the tone employed, the poor work of argumentation in it, speculation and random feelings.

Let the good work coming examiner. ;)

Lindsey2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

@ blitz0x

That was a good article and I admit that the amount of media coverage of this is insane, but at the same time gaming journalism is just like any other form of journalism in that reporters latch onto the hot story's and the public wants more as well. Look at the Obama/Birther story in the media the past few weeks. One could argue that the birth story is bad for our country at a time when there are a ton of other issues, but at the end of the day the publics desire for more articles is fed because they desire more. Let's not pretend that some how game journalists are above that model of news delivery. I know I won't

Redgehammer2791d ago

It only seems to matter if MS is the company in question, at least here on N4G.

ZBlacktt2791d ago Show
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fedexas2791d ago

Redgehammer: Stop playing the victim. It's getting redundant now.


And if Microsoft was involved in something like this, 360 loyalists would have rushed to defend them in seconds and protect them from the big bad PS3 loyalists.

Give me a break. -_-

Redgehammer2790d ago

Lol at your invalid interpretation of my comments. If you have truly been a member of N4G less than a week, then you obviously are speaking out of your a$$ because your brain should know better.

solidworm2791d ago

Do the idiots who write this garbage remember how dudes went through 6 to 7 RROD 360,s and still came back for more.Gamers are addicted to gaming.Nothing stops us.

stephmhishot2791d ago

"Sony’s public relations nightmare is about to become the industries black eye"
----------------------------- ----


ionlyneedonebubble2791d ago

The industry will survive, but this definitely has a trickle down effect for a lot businesses.

ZBlacktt2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Please god no, make it stop... enough already with this nonsense media hype. I've been gaming 30 years. Nothing is going to stop gamers from continuing to love this hobby. If anything, it will certainly make everyone here appreciate having online gaming more. I mean we all miss it dearly right now. So it will truly be something we just don't take for granted when it's back up and running.

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