‘Need For Speed The Run’ Outed

TSA writes "It seems ShopTo has let the cat out of the bag by Tweeting a link to a game called ‘Need for Speed The Run’. The link was almost instantly removed, but not before I got a glance at the game’s description. It seems that a dash across country is in order."

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Redempteur2341d ago

"After Hot Pursuit last year, and Shift 2 this year, is the Need for Speed market becoming overcrowded?"

hell yes

3NFS in 2 years .. that's sérious milking ...

darthv722341d ago

Perhaps a name change is in order. We know the need for speed series is long but the whole use of the title may need a welcome change from "Need for Speed: The Run" to NFS: The Run.

It may not be much of a change but until EA feels comfortable with dropping the "NFS" part all together they can at least shorten it to what many consider it to be.

Like Activision and the "Call of Duty" vs "CoD" identifier.

Dee_912341d ago

I wasnt expecting to see another need for speed atleast a year or two..

IMChampion2341d ago

Man, talk about milking. I think this is one of the most used franchise in gaming.

outwar60102341d ago

lets hope criterion make it and give us the ability to customize our cars!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.