Why the Playstation Network being down is good for gamers.

GamerFitnation's Gregory Laporte talks about the good that can come from the PlayStation Network being down.

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xtheownerzx2642d ago

This is a great time to get out and enjoy life. Don't let it pass you by!

blitz0x2642d ago

After so many bad news articles... I like seeing more of these.

xtheownerzx2642d ago

Thanks a lot! had something on my mind and i had to get it off my chest!

Istanbull2642d ago

I'm actually glad the PSN is down, PlayStation was always about singleplayer, we must go back to our origins. I hope people will find the true meaning and essence and strenth of the PlayStation brand.

Ofcourse, I love the PSN too, its part of the PlayStation family, but singleplayer above all!

MaxXAttaxX2641d ago

I got to replay some great games and even finished a couple of games I couldn't before :)

FFXI1012642d ago

I know right? I'm going to Vegas for few days, can't wait to get back from this trip and see the new PSN stracture.

Commander_TK2642d ago

You're going to Vegas, but u can't wait to get back? Shouldn't u be a bit dissapointed when u get back?

FFXI1012642d ago

Why would I be disappointed?

NatureOfLogic2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Im done with PSN.
@ Dart89
actually I have 2 PS3s, Im selling both.

Dart892642d ago

You alway's say that and i will always reply you never had one to begin with xDDD Move along troll.

KwietStorm2642d ago

For the sake of argument, lets say we believe you. Could you explain to me why your post is even a little bit relevant?

fedexas2642d ago

He can't even answer for himself. Yeah, you don't have a PS3. Give it up.

--------2642d ago

Try and get a girlfriend, maybe it'll cheer you up. Posting flamebait comments for attention is very, very pathetic indeed.

Good luck with the rest of your life pal, this is the only kind of attention you'll ever get...and it's not even real.

How pitiful.

Fox_Mamba2642d ago

I have two don't mind buying yours as well. In the end the PS3 is not only a gaming console.

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dougr2642d ago

I agree, I haven't even touched my ps3 sense online went down. I've been so addicted to NHL 11 that it causes me to stay up way into the mourning. This downtime made me realize that I need to stop that crap, once PSN comes back I won't go back into old habits...


OtherWhiteMeat2642d ago

You should watch the real thing.NHL playoffs are incredible.

dougr2642d ago

Oh, I do. These playoffs have been quite amazing with all the close games, I agree.

Christopher2642d ago

Once an addict, always an addict ;)

Kran2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Indeed. Those who disagreed must be addicted to gaming. Ive not played on my ps3 for days since PSN went down. Believe it or not, I aint even played on my 360 for a couple of days neither

pain777pas2642d ago

I am so busy that I don't have time to game like I used when I was younger. I have the GOW collection to finish before LA Noire and I2 so I could care less at the moment. I have tons of single player RPGs to grind as well if necessary. MK is the only thing I wouldn't mind playing online right now. Other than that I can't really blame Sony for being attacked and wanting to prevent this from happening again. Plus the service has been stable for the most part and FREE. Cannot really complain in all honesty.

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bfigaro2642d ago

Enjoy the down time... Lets Play

FishCake9T42642d ago

TBH I dont really care about PSN being offline. Still got another 200 challenges in the challenge tower to go. PSN should be back up by then.

Quietpower102642d ago

It's good for me because I can finally do some homework, chill with friends, play some single-player games (Fallout 3, Final Fantasy XIII, Valkyria Chronicles...), go to the mall and watch some movies, etc, etc... =)

FFXI1012642d ago

Lol, I had friend say something similar.

He said he can FINALLY study(for the final) yet he plays angry bird on his phone 20mins before the final XD

Lone_Star2642d ago

While PSN has been down I have sat in the corner shaking and biting my nails and checking N4G to see if it has come back. I also started doing crack cocaine and stealing from children to feed my new drug habit.

Curse you hackers, you have ruined my life.

Splenda142642d ago

writing my final essays and i been able to exercise more

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