Magicka: Vietnam - Viet-Goblins...Nuff Said (Hooked Gamers)

Oh Magicka, you cute yet oddly violent and often explosive third person wizard-em-up that brought many people joy with your constant onslaught of hilarity and wizardry. How could Paradox Interactive, the publishers of Magicka, Mount and Blade and more grand strategy titles than you could shake Stalin's bushy mustache at possibly add to such a perfect mixture of action and humor? Well, against all odds, they've done just that. In a strange twist that nobody saw coming, Paradox Interactive has released Magicka: Vietnam, an official DLC package that sees our robed friends taking on those dirty communist goblins in Vietnam. What goblins and ogres are doing there fighting for the Vietcong is anyone's guess but it sure makes for one hell of a game.

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Daavpuke2786d ago

I approve of this message.

a_squirrel2786d ago

I thought this was a thing for BFBC2: Vietnam. Stupid picture

Anywho, this actually looks really fun.

ChrisPriestman2786d ago

Haha. You can be forgiven since the similarity was the intention, good sir ;)