PlayStation Network Hack: Who Did It? -Wired

Wired writes "It’s one of the biggest data breaches in history. Now that Sony has come clean — sort of — on a computer intrusion this month that exposed personal information on 77 million PlayStation Network users, one obvious question remains: Who pulled off the hack?"

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X-DominusRebellis-X2637d ago

^^^ Thanks for the laugh. Awesome vid!

Well we know that it wasn't some nobody loser anonymous group of homos or geofag, it was probably a group who was working on a hack specifically for ID fraud or to sell the info to a corporation. I would bet my money on someone in Russia, China, North Korea, or South America. Over 75million people's private info is nearly priceless on the black market. Don't be surprised if you start getting weird and crazy advertisements to your house, lol.

FACTUAL evidence2637d ago

I don't give a fuck who did it, hackers are hackers. Hackers are losing the little bit of respect some people had for they just lost it all with me.

outwar60102637d ago

lol you beat me to it damn you!!!!!!!1 but in all seriousness steve jobs and his hired goons did it to make way for this

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user83971442637d ago

Umm some dude that still lives with his parents?

thebudgetgamer2637d ago

sony did it maaaan!

because they hate you, it's a conspiracy maaaan!

MaximusPrime2637d ago

all originate with one idiot, Mr G.H

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